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Used Full Swing Golf

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  • Used Full Swing Golf


    I have the opportunity to purchase a used Full Swing Golf simulator.
    I wanted to ask you guys if it is really worth it?

    The simulator is from 2004 and is priced at about $2000.
    This is for the complete setup.

    Do you think this is something I can buy and “update”?

    I found a brochure from 2004:

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    Lots of questions to be answered for a used Full Swing.

    The basic technology hasn't changed, it's something like an infrared array. There is a feature in the software that does something like a self check of the array's operation I believe. Of course if it's not set-up you can't test it out.

    You say "complete setup". That should be the impact screen, the sensor array, probably some type of enclosure and perhaps complete with floor, a PC, Full Swing software and probably E6 sim software. I believe there should be a "dongle" for the sim software (as copy protection).

    It is very possible that the sim software is an older version which will show it's age visually and feature wise.

    When I was looking at used Full Swing systems the included computer was running Windows XP. That says something about the age and "sophistication" of the software that was running the simulator.

    Full price for these kinds of systems was about 40 - 50 K USD but a lot has changed in the sim marketplace since then.

    I chose not to buy several years ago and I've never regretted that decision.

    If you can see the unit set-up and operational and see the self check of the sensor array you'll be in a position to assess whether it's even worth considering.

    The impact screen could be worn, the sensor array has to be checked, the PC could be outdated, E6 could be outdated, lots of question marks.

    Good luck!


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      I am not very familiar with the full swing golf, but I would be very cautious with this purchase. It is likely the computer, projector, and a major software upgrade will be required. Also, what kind of support would you get if needed on a setup that is 14 years old? I would also be curious to know how far technology has progressed as far as the actual measurement of the ball to provide accurate ball data. I would think others here will also chime in with additional thoughts.


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        Thank you for the answers!
        Problem is that the seller is located about 600 miles away, so hard to test it out.


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          There are several full swing models. Yours appears to be the low end version with only the two ir arrays. So it doesn't measure spin. Everything is old. See this review to get an idea what to expect:


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            Yes, it sure is old, but in that price range I feel it might still be worth it.
            How do you guys think this 2004 Full Swing version stands against a new Optishot 2 setup?


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              If you are going to spend 2k, i would suggest going with a skytrak instead. It will cost more when you add in the other components, but i think it's a better system and safer bet that you may be happier with.


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                Originally posted by wbond View Post
                If you are going to spend 2k, i would suggest going with a skytrak instead. It will cost more when you add in the other components, but i think it's a better system and safer bet that you may be happier with.
                That's presuming 1) you don't mind having to dish out annual subscription fees and 2) you don't have to worry about both left and right handed players. :-)


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                  A skytrak+TGC+computer+hitting area etc is significantly above his target price.

                  A used Skytrak is fine if you can get it appropriately discounted for the ongoing subscription costs. Otherwise ​a used GC2, Protee or maybe GSA system (if you're a tinkerer). The Protee and GSA handle lefty/righty. ​​​​​ All these probably exceed the target price to varying degrees.

                  The R-motion/TGC system might be the best option that fits within the target price. I haven't used one to know personally but the reports on this forum seem to indicate it's a step up over the Optishot.