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Full Swing Kit - New Launch Monitor

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  • Full Swing Kit - New Launch Monitor

    Well, one of the big players is jumping into the consumer market for launch monitors. According to the webpage, Full Swing is releasing the “Kit” for $4k, and the reported metrics looks to include club pash and face angle at impact. The product page is light on details, but this looks to be the kind of product that could really disrupt Foresight’s hold on the midrange market.

  • If this comes out at $4k fully unlocked with no subscription & more club data than my Mevo+, I would seriously consider upgrading to it.
    But it would suck big time if it doesn't support TGC 2019. I really hope it does soon after its release, as I really don't like E6 much.
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    • Agreed. Also have MEVO+ which I think has been incredibly accurate. Foresight missed a golden opportunity with their all-or-nothing pricing.

      If Kit delivers reasonably accurate club data for $4k they will sit in the sweet spot between Foresight and Flightscope, and make a killing.


      • bubbtubbs
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        Though being radar-based will likely share the issues of minimum space requirements and potential for interference with M+. Have to wait and see some tests to determine how much more accurate it is for the extra 2k.

    • Oh I only just realised that this requires minimum 20 feet of total length for indoor use. (10 feet behind the ball, and 10 feet ball to net) Then it's a no go for me as I only have 17 feet. I guess I'll stick with Mevo+ for now and go up to Uneekor EyeXo later. And keep the Mevo+ for outdoor range use.
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      • I got in touch with Big Swing Golf today who are the Australian distributor for the Kit. Here is what they had to say.
        He has stated that he believes Full Swing are releasing further information tomorrow


        • Just received notice that they will be open for orders on Oct 18 and shipping Oct 25. Still very little detail and the message is very cryptic about indoor mode mentioning "still being finalized. It sounds like they are currently only planning an integration into E6 which is currently expected to go live in Q1 2022. No mention of indoor requirements or which of the 16 parameters are calculated. Pre-orders will only be open for 48 hrs.
          1. Carry Distance
          2. Total Distance
          3. Spin Rate
          4. Spin Axis
          5. Ball Speed
          6. Club Speed
          7. Smash Factor
          8. Club Path
          9. Face Angle
          10. Face to Path
          11. Attack Angle
          12. Launch Angle
          13. Horizontal Angle
          14. Apex Height
          15. Side Carry Distance
          16. Side Total Distance

          They are going to need to release more info if they expect people to drop $4k. It seems that the GC3 and BLP have forced them to release it earlier than they really want to and they are not really ready yet.


          • I guess we shouldn't be too surprised to see glaring errors in an email, after the track record of the past year. If you're in any doubt, they appreciate everyone's patience x2 (mine ran out a while ago!). To be honest though, just any comms from Full Swing should be celebrated.


            • warrenber
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              I completely agree! We should also celebrate them for creating more competition at a new price point for the market. All we now need is an upgraded Skytrak at a similar price. I just have a feeling I may have the same patience issues with the GC3 and BLP availability or lack thereof over the next year and its no fun staring at a newly built sim room without a launch monitor. I may just bite the bullet and buy an Eye XO as I can get one delivered in a week.

            • bubbtubbs
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              Unless you're dead set on taking it to the range, I'd definitely just get the EyeXO if you have the necessary dimensions.