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Full swing kit update?

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  • Full swing kit update?

    oh boy…..

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    So should it be called a Full “Swing & a Miss” Kit?


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      I thought they'd said it works indoors, just won't have the sim stuff yet.

      My coaching partner and I canceled our pre-orders and got the $100 refunded. The Mevo+ updates really validated that decision, too.
      Erik J. Barzeski
      PGA, LSW, 5SK, GE


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        Really glad I got the GC3 instead.


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          Nothing new, but just in case anyone wants a read.


          • bubbtubbs
            bubbtubbs commented
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            No Android AND no indoor mode? Man, they really don't want to sell these things, do they?

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          bubbtubbs i agree and they seem to say that they will charge an upgrade fee for indoor tracking! Seems a bit opposite and if they do charge more, then I think people will pay a bit more and just get GC3.


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            Only challenge I’m having with the GC3 is no face angle reading? Thoughts on any devices that would include.


            • dinospumoni
              dinospumoni commented
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              When I bought my GC3 I thought this was going to be a big issue for me as well, but tbh it really isn't. It's really easy to tell where your face was pointed in reference to the clubpath based on how the ball takes off and it's overall flight. On top of this, you can hook two cameras up to the computer running your GC3 and have video of your down the line and face on swing play after every shot.

              Sure, face angle would be nice to have, but by no means has it been something I find myself wishing I had when I actually use my GC3.

              If I could only choose one, I would probably rather have strike location at this point.

            • Aj282
              Aj282 commented
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              Theoretically you could estimate face angle and therefore face to path with the GC3 the same way Flightscope and Fullswing will estimate face angle. Neither of those devices actually measure face angle. Instead, they just calculate an estimated face angle using club path and horizontal launch angle while assuming a center face strike and zero degree lie angle.

              I wouldn't hesitate on the GC3 because of the lack of face angle data. It's easy enough to tell if your club was open or closed to path based on ball flight and club path data. I wouldn't get too caught up on actual numbers when using a device that has to estimate face angle due to the assumptions and calculations it has to make. But more focused on open or closed and degree of spin axis tilt.

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            Did you notice that Tiger is using the Kit in his recent 3 second swing video?