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Full Swing Sport Series Simulator high spin readings

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  • Full Swing Sport Series Simulator high spin readings

    Hi everyone, I have been visiting a local golf simulator bar for a few months now, and the simulators they have are the Full Swing Sport Series. At first, I really liked it and the owner told me how accurate their numbers are. However, I'm starting to question the accuracy, especially the spin numbers. I just got fit for clubs using a GC Quad, and one of the numbers we focused on was my 7-iron spin, which is generally in the 5000 RPM range. I know that isn't PGA tour level, but with my swing speed and (lack-of) skill level, along with game improvement clubs, I usually expect to see anything from 4800-5200 in spin. I think that is actually fairly typical for amateurs of my level.

    However, on these simulators, I am typically seeing over 7000 RPM. Additionally, I feel like the launch angle is higher, as I normally am around 20 degrees when using a GC Quad, where these simulators have me in the 22 degree range. This gets even worse with more lofted clubs, as my pitching wedge and gap wedge have launch angles at over 30 degrees, with 10,000 RPM of spin. This obviously is causing distance to be much shorter than expected.

    I think when it started reading my 4-iron at almost 8000 RPM and a 21 degree launch angle is when I said enough is enough, something can't be right here. Is this just a calibration issue? Or could it be related to the type of mat used? Do some mats cause discrepancies like this? I always thought mats reduce spin, not increase it. Or is this a known thing with the Full Swing simulators? I know they have the ION3 cameras, so they SHOULD be able to capture spin, but maybe they don't do a good job with certain balls? Anyways, I don't think I can trust this simulator there anymore until I figure out what is wrong. Anyone have any thoughts?

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    You are not missing anything. Full Swing is overpriced trash. It is a crime they charge 80 to 90k for one of their “high end” builds.

    Trust the Quad, because it is the King.​