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  • New Online Game in Creative Golf 3D...


    That's exciting, (adding Online Golf Games), but I need to know if you are going to add Garmin Approach R10 as a Launch Monitor that can be used? It's becoming very popular as a launch monitor and many are using it now, as it sells for $599/USD.

    I see you support: SkyTrak, Uneekor and Flightscope Launch Monitors from your website. When are you going to consider adding other LMs? Also, ProTee LM and hitting mat would be nice to have as well, I have both ProTee and Garmin Approach R10 and still cannot play your Creative Golf 3D?

    Also, I see you last added courses back in September 2021 - are you still adding more?

    One last question, I mentioned very specific information on how putting could be handled on Golf Simulators to make them more fun! You seemed to agree and said you would be adding these features to Creative Golf 3D soon... Do you have any idea/ETA on when that might happen?

    I'm looking forward to playing Creative Golf 3D soon with either Garmin Approach R10, or ProTee and I hope you can offer it for these Launch Monitors, soon?

    Thank you,