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New ES16 Spectrum? Works outside?

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  • New ES16 Spectrum? Works outside?

    They are coming out with a new unit that works outdoors exactly the same. They said they'd upgrade my unit for a fee. I don't want to spend more, but I do want it to work outside, so I will likely be doing this if it seems to be what I need. Jim said it should be out in a couple weeks.

    I did find a video from Par2pro on You Tube showing the unit. It's white and the front is clear.

    He said retail $5900.

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    So are they throwing in the towel on the current units being able to work outside?


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      I like the sounds of the future ES product release mentioned in the video by Par2Pro I hope the growing pains are minimal. Seems like most of the newest technology needs a little more incubation time before being released. All manufacturers have a little stumble out of the gate. Chalk it up to a blossoming new technology sector I suppose.


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        Boy, stinks for all of the es16 owners -- doesn't seem right to make all of them pay an upgrade for a feature it was supposed to have in the first place. If that's the type of customer service they for the hills.


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          The ES16 has been out for a while, but we are not selling it yet because we feel that it is still too early in the development stage. They are talking about a new release of some sort at the PGA Show in January - hopefully it is just a simple (low or no-cost) upgrade to the ES16 as we have bought a few for testing


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            Any input is appreciated. Like the above comment, I don't think we should have to pay anything either, but I don't want to be stuck with this unit how it is. I was told $500 would be the upgrade cost. Thoughts? It is true that we were told the unit would have these features outside and that was not delivered.

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          Sad sauce. I was a brief owner and while I saw potential for the unit, I just couldn't deal with anymore frustration. I hope they do eventually get this unit straightened out and stable.


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            Disappointed to say the least at this point. I'll hold out hope that they will do the right thing by current owners!


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              Nice people, but they just don't seem to get it. They need both some new blood and a revamped development process. I was one of the very early adopters of ES16. The product I received should have never gotten remotely near a consumer. Forget about beta--this should have been called pre-alpha.

              1. The area in which the would see a ball was about the size of a quarter. And you were required to turn the logo toward the camera. Turning logos + small ball read area=lots of having the reach over and pick the ball up off the ground.

              2. It wanted nothing at all to do with natural sunlight. It also hated LED lighting, which is what I have in my home.

              It wasn't long before one thing was painfully obvious: that ES had done nothing resembling outdoor testing before shipping units to customers. It went back and I moved to GC2 and never looked back.

              Word has it that they are still pursuing the custom logo golf balls in order to make up for the poor read performance.

              They still don't get it.