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ES 16 practices for best results

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  • ES 16 practices for best results

    It seems to me that some are having better results than others. I was wondering what those of you, that are having better results, are doing prior to and during play.

    For example:
    I practiced on one of TGC ranges today. I hit about 50 shots with wedges, irons and the driver. I have to say the unit did not miss a shot. That is, I could call every shot before I saw it displayed. I measured many for vertical and horizontal launch angle and there was not a single vertical or horizontal launch angle that was more then 1.5 degrees different than my measurement. The distances were also reasonable.

    I did two things different than normal. First, once the TGC range was loaded, I turned the unit off for a few seconds and then back on for a few seconds before I took a swing. Second, I placed the ball very close to the CAL 1 location for every shot.

    I did my normal measurements to make certain that both sides of the mat were equal distance from the screen, insured my target path pointed directly to the center of the circle in TGC, placed an alignment stick on the target path and made sure the ES 16 unit was parallel to that path. I make sure the ES 16 unit is straight up and down by using a T square.

    Of course, I will need to repeat this several times to see if these things actually help results and are not a fluke, but these results do makes me wonder what others are doing.

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    I forgot to mention practice swings in the last update.
    See in bold below
    For best results:
    Use black or dark blue golf tees
    Keep white shoes or other light colored items out of the background
    Use golf balls with distinct black logos
    I use Srixon soft feel or Bridgestone B332 RX golf balls with the direction indication knocked down with a file
    Use golf balls with a lighter colored alignment and number designator
    Place the ball with the logo pointing horizontally towards the unit
    Calibrate the unit on as flat a surface as you can get, and check that surface with a level
    When using the unit, make sure the unit is placed on a flat surface and check the surface with a level
    Make sure the unit is setting flat on the surface
    Make sure the unit is setting parallel with the target line
    Have enough light such that it is easy to see the mat, but don't make it bright
    Lighting may be best above and behind the unit
    We have found that ES appears to be using a calculation that modifies the ball speed based on the club selection
    It's not much, but it represents about 1 to 2 percent per club depending on loft
    I find it best to use about a 32 degree, plus or minus 2 degrees, loft for a 7 iron and go up or down from there depending the lofts in you set
    I still do a clean restart before I turn on the software
    I also do not turn the unit on until the range is ready to go
    If the club selection is different on the unit then the software, I change the club with the arrows on the unit unit it matches the software, then I select the club in the software from then on
    If I change ranges or courses in TGC, I turn the unit off until I am set to go
    Take practice swings such that the club impacts the mat at least 8 inches farther away from the unit then the ball. This can confuse the unit and cause misreads.

    Yes, even more stuff


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      Look guys, this thread is for folks that are not satisfied with the ES 16, but are also not totally disatisfied with it and want to get the best results possible.
      Stop hijacking it!


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        Thread cleaned up. Please stay on topic: ES 16 practices for best results


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          I have found the best results by making sure the mat is well secured to the floor and separating the set up into 3 sections on the ground. Launch monitor is on a different section of mat, then ball striking area has its own mat, then area where i stand is its own mat. Using the high speed setting on my phone I was able to capture the mat sliding during the swing when I was using just 1 mat. This cause he ball to move slightly in reference to the ES16. All of this changed when I separated the mat into 3 independent pieces and instantly results improved


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            That’s good advice for all launch monitors. I have my units on a different mat than my stance/strike mat which is very secure.