TGC Tour - Congratulations!

Congrats to @Brandon Jeffrey (NET) and @ecarl97 winning the TGC 2018 FALL TOUR - Safeway Open !

Join this weeks TGC 2018 FALL TOUR - CIMB Classic with 2 rounds at Kapalua Bay Golf Club :
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Ernest Sports; Last of updates from me.

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  • Ernest Sports; Last of updates from me.

    No call from Joe today, and the last time we talked he said the replacement for the ES-16 was on hold until the ES 20/20 was fixed and he would call me when he had some news that was two weeks ago. Now I am not saying that Joe still doesn't have plans to make things right as he said he would, it is just that I am done worrying about it. Ernest Sports finally sent me the check for $2250.00, as a settlement and I went ahead and cashed it. I don't see any difference in what is going on with the ES 20/20 as to what was done with the ES-16, seems they think building a product selling it and then trying to get it to work is the way to go instead of building a prototype tweaking it and then going into production. Some might not mind waiting on a fix or work around to get a unit to do what it was suppose to be doing when they bought it but as for myself I have other things to do, hope they get it right sooner than later but I am done worrying about it. So I cashed the check and bought myself a VR flight simulator I can't afford to build me a real plane again so, and I can also use it to play VR TGC. So if someone else wants to talk to Ernest Sports and inform the others as to what is going on have at it, I am done waiting and wondering. I may very well get me another Launch Monitor or Golf Simulator in the future but for now will do a little simulated flying, and check back in here to see if something come up worth going after, also looking forward to seeing what OnCore's Genius ball amounts to, not done with golf or the form by no means just tired of dealing with Ernest Sports and waiting for something to happen and guessing as to what is going on or not.

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    It still makes me shake my head in respect of all you had to deal with and all tip my hat to you and all the other users of this device for all the patience you have all shown over the years to try and get your Golf sim dreams come true, but do wish you all the best and hope we see you again on this forum in the near future! I can’t say that I would ever be as patient as you have been.