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Cannot get ES16 into firmware update mode

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  • Cannot get ES16 into firmware update mode

    I watched the video, showing that once connected the drop down for "Connected" will offer a button "Update firmware." I have no such button. Bought the ES16 used, ver 146. From what I can see the software is never actually installed, it is a uSoft app. When connected it shows my MAC address and firmware version (lower right corner) that agrees with what the unit says. I tried the USB port, which does nothing. As an old Silicon Valley tech guy I am appalled by the lack of documentation with this system, but the video looked pretty clear, just that I do not get the Firmware Update button. I see no other way to kick it into that mode.

    Totally new to LMs, so thanks for the hand holding.

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    The ES-16 has a lot of problems, I had the one that gave me all kinds of different problems including not updating, the unit I had, had to have the old reset (clear and USB connect) to get it to update, after that it updated fine. It may be that has the same glitch in it, I don't know if they have the old reset and USB update setup any where to be found or not, only thing would be to call Ernest Sports and see if they could walk you through it.


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      There is a USB port and I plugged into it but nothing happened. By "reset" do you mean RST on the LCD display? When I get that what do I do to actually reset; push the Program button?

      Thanks for the response.


      • BGCurtis2nd
        BGCurtis2nd commented
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        There is a reset pin inside the unit, but I would call Ernest Sports and talk to them to see if you need to go that way, if so it would be best for them to talk you through it.

        P | 855.354.GOLF (4653)

        P | 770.734.0413

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      Ah, reset pin! Shoulda thought of that.


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        Any chance you can return it? Lots of people have serious issues with this machine. There are other options that are far more proven.


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          I got a bit ahead of myself. I saw the ES16 listed as $6K. Spotted what was claimed to be a "used once" unit on eBay for $3500 and took it. Then I went back to the ES16 site and the price was $4K! For $500 I woulda bought a new one. I inquired and Ernst told me the Amazon price was old. So now I have a used machine and cannot update the firmware. Clay has been responding to me but it has all been how the system should work, but it does not. I can connect and get ball data. The GUI shows software version and FW versions correctly. Also MAC address. But I cannot get a Update Firmware button. Clay says that version 146 is a BT-only version, the USB does nothing. With all my looking around now I'm finding that all LMs have their share of problems. I recently retired and justified the cost but many of the others are twice or more in cost and for that I would just no have an indoor range. We are in a new house with a huge attic, so plenty of room for a permanent installation. Nothing fancy, just four netted surfaces, a mat, dedicated PC, and the ES16. All Clay has to offer is to just relaunch; done that dozens of times to include a cold boot and reboot of the PC, all sequences, etc.


          • Baller
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            Sorry you didn’t read up here on the ES16 before buying, but I guess as long as you realize you can’t depend on the distances the unit gives you, you can work around it.

            Some tips from my experience and memory for the ES16...

            Turn on the unit first.
            Then, after it is all started up, THEN open the software.

            Check for the update button and hit refresh if you don’t see it.

            If that doesn’t work, try removing the device from Bluetooth and RE-pairing it. Otherwise it could be your BT.

            You prob tried all that, but just in case, but either way, ALWAYS start the unit before opening the software.

            Good luck!

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          So, I have to say that Ernest folk have been very responsive and helpful. Clay called to say that they put the 146 firmware into a unit and they replicated the problem. Turns out to be a code issue with the latest firmware which would not recognize my need for an update, thus no Update button. However they found that the iPad version would see the need and provide the button. So get the software using my wife's iPad and sure enough the firmware updated. Now I can go back to Windows and the unit is fine, having the current firmware. Should not have a future problem.

          But, now I need to calibrate. Watched the video that says I should have {000 1 CAL}, which I assume is for a new unit. I have {111 1 CAL}. Saw the bit about using {3 RST} to clear the previous calibration, but 3 RST does nothing. I waited for the flash to finish, but still have {111 1 CAL}.


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            Do you have the calibration kit?


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              Yes, I have the tee and the template. However I guess I just did not pay close enough attention to the video. Clay sent me written instructions and I saw that I missed the step in resetting the calibration to hit the Left Arrow to wipre the previous calibrations. Did so, calibrated, took it to the attic and very pleased with how it works and the hand holding I got from Ernest, even though I did not buy the unit from them.


              • BGCurtis2nd
                BGCurtis2nd commented
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                Glad it is working for you and that you are pleased with it.

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              Many of us have had reasonable, although not optimum results with the ES 16. FW 158 has caused more issues for me than normal. I recalibrated several times and it seems to be producing better results than it was at first. I think some of that was me and the way I am using it. With the latest firmware, it seems the unit guesses more often than before.
              What I have started doing is using the club that I carry about the distance called out in the software. For example my driver. I cannot carry that club 265 yard on a good day with my high 90s to 100 mph swing speed, let alone normally. So, I select the 3 wood and hit my driver. The unit still guesses, on less lofted clubs the most it seems, but the results are more normal. Also, this FW has changed the way fat shots are handled. It seems to me the unit penalizes shots more then it should, particularly for shots hit just slightly fat. Say 1/2 to one cm high on the face. This FW also seems better for wedge and short irons than previous FWs.

              There may be quite a bit of variation between units, so good luck with yours.