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  • Es 2020

    I own a GC Quad but saw a new YouTube video on the ES2020 ...he is the link

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    Hey guys truce. How about this, if I start another thread, say ES 20/20 reviews, accuracy and technical problems, could you leave the ES flaming out of it?


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      Originally posted by Stonebattle
      Hey guys truce. How about this, if I start another thread, say ES 20/20 reviews, accuracy and technical problems, could you leave the ES flaming out of it?
      Real question would be, would anyone post a real video review? I don’t have anything in this race, but I though this was out for a while now and there still really isn’t any good reviews. I’d like to see it loaned to someone with a Flightscope, Trackman or GCQ and show comparison data. Otherwise I think a large majority will be extremely skeptical and negative towards it because there is no real reason to think anything different.


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        Stonebattle Do you want to put up a post with a true review of the ES 20/20 and what it will really do, with real accuracy and true capability assessments and what all your setup entails to get it to do so, or are you wanting to promote the ES 20/20 without anyone making any comments to counter what you say? As far as flaming ES, what is giving factual statements about what they have done flaming them. You have a lot of people on here that spent hard earned money and put in a lot of time working on trying to fix a unit that was suppose to do just what the ES 20/20 now claims to be able to do. But they were left with a product that does not preform as was claimed or able to fulfill the function they got it for and are out time and money and ES seems to have just walked away from them. Now do you want to ask them to please hold their tong so some good points can be made for ES? Seems to me if ES had taken care of it's customers there wouldn't be anything being said, I know if I felt I had been treated fairly I would have no reason to put any post. When Joe asked me to have everyone having problems with the ES-16 to contact him and he would take care of them I stepped in doing what he ask, now I feel somewhat responsible for what happened even though I had to control over what was done. I ask in good faith for them to call Joe believing he would do what he said, so why should I be quit and let someone else be taken in believing they are being sold a good viable product with good company backing?


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        I would say the answer is no. Oh well, ES has generated some very hard feelings and I have more than my share of them.


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          Looking for a fitter right. One of the guys claimed to use state of the art LM. Ask which one thinking Trackman 4 or GC Quad. I mean at the very least GC2 w/ HMT.
          He says ES 14.
          Im like WTF. No thanks man!


          • wbond
            wbond commented
            Editing a comment
            People have varying levels of what state of the art means!

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          All it takes is a positive post about the product and the same 6 individuals emerge, flames in tow.

          A video comparison sounds like a great idea though. A golf pro buddy of mine has a flight scope. Mark my words though, the Bitter 6 will highjack that thread as well if the results are remotely favorable.

          I am not an employee of Ernest Sports, but I do have a vested interest in seeing them succeed. I purchased the ES14. It worked well for a very basic launch monitor. I purchased an ES16 and it worked OK for me. Not great, but OK. (Obviously, my experience was better than some here.) I traded in my 16 for a 20/20 and it has been a good decision.

          Since I have put my money down and invested in these products, should I encourage and endorse the words of these same (bitter) 6 dudes? Seems like jumping on the wagon with these guys and encouraging the negativity against Ernest Sports would be detrimental to my own position!

          Clearly the ES16 did not work for you guys. That being said, your experience doesn’t represent everyone on here. Every time you jump in and tell your same story to anyone who will read your post, it blocks the overall purpose of this forum: constructive feedback on launch monitor simulation. I repeat what I have said a few times, it is in all of our best interests for Ernest Sports to succeed in selling reasonably priced, accurate launch monitor options for simulation. If you don’t agree with that, I have no clue what you are doing here...


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            But why not do a review then? Prove all of these six guys wrong as you seem very determined to call them out at every opportunity. I would think that you would be going to great lengths to show them how wrong that they are. It also sounds like you have had your unit for some time now, yet you have not provided any solid comments on its performance. In fact, I think this is the first time that you have mentioned owning ES16 and the one before that. Rather than calling guys trolls and taunting them further why not just out the story to bed and take the time to review your launch monitor head to head comparison. You have noted you have a buddy with a FS thaybyou could use? It just all seems very made up on your part as if you have always had a buddy with a FS, would one of the first things you would do is not take your 20/20 over and test it and then tell people here the results of what you found? It does not have to be anything substantial, just a summary of what you are seeing. If you get called out, then decide if it is worth your time to invest the time to do a head to head to prove your point.

            Please know for me, I am really looking forward to seeing the results of your comparison, as it has been a long time coming.


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              @GolfSimSnapHooker You say, "It is in all of our best interests for Ernest Sports to succeed in selling reasonably priced, accurate launch monitor options for simulation." I agree with that, but letting them sell equipment that does not do as claimed to someone who doesn't know what they are buying does not do anyone any good but ES. I bought the ES-16 being told it would preform as well or better than a GC2 with the HMT attached. It was obvious to me the very first day that was not the case and I asked for my money back, but was asked to please work with ES and help them get the system right, and if that could not be done they would refund all my money and I would not be held to a time table in doing so. Now I put in a lot of time and effort in trying to find and help fix the problems with the ES-16 and along the way was told if they had to build a new unit to replace the ES-16 I would be given one free of charge for all I had done. When it finally came down to it I was given a partial refund, I lost what would be to me a full months income, all my time and effort I had put into the ES-16, and the ES-16. Now it may be a boring story to you and maybe you can afford to forfeit a months income without it hurting you, or work for free, but I myself can not and I myself feel that people should know the track record of a company that is selling a product with nothing to show the performance of it but talk and the same claims that were made for the ES-16. If your ES 20/20 is doing so well where are the videos to show it? Where are any videos showing the ES 20/20 performing so greatly, I have not seen any. I believe you have "a vested interest in seeing them succeed" but they should succeed by building a product that does what they claimed it will do and not selling the uninformed what amounts to "snack oil" just to turn a profit. The ES 20/20 was suppose to be released January 2018 and ES still doesn't have a listing for it on their Product Comparison page, that look to me like they haven't been able to figured out yet just what it can or can't do. I have posted documentation to show what I have said is true, and still have plenty more if needed. I saved everything emails and all just in case the need should arise. So as Dax says prove us wrong, let us see something more than just word on a page or a little video that really doesn't show anything.


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                Quick review by someone online

                looks like the guy is selecting the club prior to hitting, not sure if that's because the unit is messed up like the es16 or because he's just tracking his shots to go over later.
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                  Jwheels9876 there is only one App for both units.


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                    that is Nick doing his 1st video - he and his videos are mentioned in earlier pages. There are more videos he has which he did not want to publish...

                    Originally posted by Jwheels9876 View Post
                    Quick review by someone online

                    looks like the guy is selecting the club prior to hitting, not sure if that's because the unit is messed up like the es16 or because he's just tracking his shots to go over later.


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                      BGCurtis2nd, may I ask what skill level golfer you are? Average score or such? I have a theory.

                      For the record, my dollars are also sacred to me. My time maybe more so. The venom that you bring out and the same essay you write every time anyone posts anything about Ernest Sports can’t be the best use of your time. It just can’t be.

                      How about taking that energy, flipping it and posting positive comments in the GC2 forum (or whichever LM you have) instead....just a thought.

                      I will post a comparison soon.


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                        Close to 100 posts in this thread and there is next to zero information about the product.

                        Look, I get that some people felt like they were dragged over the coals with their previous product. And if you're goal is to make everybody aware of your story, I think you have more than accomplished this.

                        I'm not telling anyone how they should or shouldn't feel about their experience, but I'm hoping that if I'd like to get some information about a product, I won't have to read through 100 posts about the previous model.

                        The horse has been beaten. Thoroughly.
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                          GolfSimSnapHooker So you have a theory, and I am sure it is a good one.

                          I myself post as BGCurtis2nd, doesn't take much to know that is Bobby Gene Curtis II, and no one should need a degree to figure that out. Now as for my skills as a golfer, I have never tried to hide anything about that and have put post up on here talking about that and my experiences with other launch monitors and simulators. I have been playing for four years, I started in August of 2014 my best scores are in the low 80s (80,81,82, ect) have yet to go below 80 and as for now they are back up above 100 not able to play very much or to use my GC2 at this time. I started with a P3proswing system, and found it did not have the accuracy that was claimed for it, so I switched to the GolfAchiever which I used for quit sometime until updating to Windows 10 made it impossible to use the system. Now put that with the fact I am 67 years old, and a disable veteran that wears a 2" buildup and brace on my left leg plus the fact that I have broken my back three time I feel I am doing fairly well.

                          Now for you theory to have any kind of validity you should have a little back ground on me. I pried myself on the fact that when I was inducted into the Army on February 28 1969 I had the highest scores to ever go through the St. Louis induction center, which is no small task. Due to injuries I received in the Army I spent 378 days in the hospital at Fort Lenardwood, I went by the nickname "Coming and Going" due to the fact that I could turn my left leg around completely backwards.

                          I started SCUBA diving back when I was 12 years old, have logged over a year of my life under water and belonged to a group called the "Lung Rangers" a very good dive club. I also worked for West End Diving in St. Louis I did commercial dives plus worked up to an assistant instructor, I still hold Open Water, Advanced Open Water and Dive Master ratings from PADI.

                          My degree is in Electronics and Computers, some of my handy work ties into
                          I built the prototype circuit boards used in this project which all had to be tested by the DOD and all but one passed and it failed due to a component they had furnished for me to use.

                          I also worked for Adventures Aloft Air Sports center which dealt with Aircraft, Hot Air Balloons, Ultra Lights, and Skydiving. This link shows the
                          Aerotique Parasol
                          I also designed and built her sister ship the Tri-Star which was a tricycle gear craft, part of my job being test pilot and pilot for the Air Shows, biggest one I got to fly in was Sun & Fun 1984. I went from Adventures Aloft to working for Skydive Saint Louis packed a lot of parachutes and helped in training people to Skydive I have 36 jumps and did my first jump from 12,000 feet in the start of the accelerated free-fall program using a parachute I packed.

                          I should also mention that I worked for Bitterroot Truss in Montana, we used the Compu Truss software and I was good enough at finding flaws in the software and being able to tell them how to duplicate them that they let me use the newest software ahead of general release. I designed one set of trusses for a 5000 square foot home that cost $45,000.00 built to withstand a 200+ pound snow load, I also built homes both conventional and log homes.

                          Now you say "The venom that you bring out and the same essay you write every time anyone posts anything about Ernest Sports can’t be the best use of your time. It just can’t be." Well what am I suppose to do, just forget how much money, time and effort I lost with ES and let someone paint a rosy picture to let someone else be taken in thinking that they are truly buying a viable product with good backing? You post praise for ES and their product but all you have shown are words, and yet you downgrade those of us who have posted prof of what we have had to say was true. Now I have laid out who I am and pretty much what I am, I do have more accomplishment if you care to hear of them but for now I think you should have enough to go by. I am slowly but surly clearing out my sims room and I really don't see it being done anytime soon by my standers but I truly am looking forward to getting back into using it and working on it as fast as I can.


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                            Mr. Curtis, I am truly grateful for your military service to the United States. I am sorry for your loss of money, time and effort. It is not easy to recoop any of those things.

                            I only asked about your playing ability because I was curious whether the quality of the strikes might have something to do with your results on the ES16. If the club regularly hit behind the ball, the timing of the unit may have given you squirrley results (think it used sound to initiate the cameras). I am genuinely sorry that people had a poor experience with their ES16. Seriously. (Except for maybe ***, he seems like he needs some vitriol!) I am a lower handicap golfer and it was serviceable for me, not great but serviceable. Just a thought.

                            I would ask that you, *** and the disgruntled/bitter 5 or 6, create a "Buyer Beware" post to discuss your experiences with Ernest Sports. Maybe let those of us that have an ES 20/20 have a place on here to discuss the pluses and minuses of the ES20/20 without dragging every discussion into the pits. I would think that the moderator of this forum would want that too. Maybe they can move the past essays to that new post? Just another thought.

                            My ES20/20 works much better than my ES16 did. Maybe we can talk more about that now. As I said above, I will post a comparison soon.


                            • BGCurtis2nd
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                              I did all I could to find out what could be done to fix the ES-16 sent pictures and videos and yes I believed that part of my problem was due to the brace and 2" buildup I wear. I had several shot that were activated just by me walking past the unit, and yes at times my brace will pop or snap or make other noises, this was all pointed out to ES. Now as far as not commenting about a post, are you asking for a free ride to just make the product look good? Seems to me it should be able to hold up to the scrutiny if it is what it claims to be. I bought my ES-16 due to the comments made about it at the time and the promises of what it would do, I like anyone else expect to be treated fairly and I try to do that for anyone I deal with. But after what I was put through I feel that it takes more than just word to make me think it is a viable product, and as for me I don't want to see anyone else taken like I was. Simple fact show me it works and does what it claims and I will praise it, whether I use it or not. But as far as the ES-16 I had, it wouldn't take much to improve over it, the family and I got much more enjoyment out of the Golfachieve we had than we ever did with the ES-16. Maybe the moderator of this forum could build you a site "Just for ES 20/20 praise only no negative remarks allowed", just a thought.