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Congrats to @graham camm (NET) and @Joe_S (GROSS) winning the TGC1 2021 WINTER TOUR - Sony Open in Hawaii !

Join this weeks TGC1 2021 WINTER TOUR - The American Express playing 2 rounds at PGA West (Palmer)thursday - 6487y:
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  • Es 2020

    I own a GC Quad but saw a new YouTube video on the ES2020 ...he is the link

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    Club data calculated off ball data, so it's basically an unproven Skytrak with promises of doing better in the future.

    There was no correlation between the ES14 and ES2020 data in that earlier video.

    Interesting the ES2020 LCD readout only shows data typical of $200 swing caddie type monitors. No launch angles or spin axis/ss info, the stuff that separates the toys from the big boys. Does that tell us something about the machines capabilities or the type of customer ES thinks will buy it? Maybe the LCD cycles through all the data.

    Seems very much a work in progress. Hopefully they get there.


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      The ES 20/20 was suppose to be ready last year this time, now they say they are still working on it, which is what they said about the ES-16 till they brought out the ES 20/20. I was much more impressed with what Uneekor, Optishot, (Vision, & BallFlight), and a few others have come up with at a lot better cost. The ES 20/20 is costing about the same as what a GCQuad starts at but with a lot better performance and information available from the GCQuad. And before anyone brings up the cost of software, remember the only software you get with the ES 20/20 is the ES-16 APP.

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    $10.5K usd for that... thats $14,600 in aussie dollars... thats just not even a consideration at that price. GC2/HMT it is!


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      I have a lot of comments to make at this time, but am holding off for now.


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        Settles it. I guess I will be force to keep the GC2/HMT.

        But honestly why would anyone buy this nightmare??


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          Originally posted by Mbs313 View Post
          I own a GC Quad but saw a new YouTube video on the ES2020 ...he is the link
          I bought ES2020, this product is also problematic and can not be used.
          It is a loss to buy this product


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            I bought ES2020, less than a month cannot be used. Already sent to fix but nothing has been fixed. This is totally a loss


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              any luck on a return?