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Used ES16 Tour

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  • Used ES16 Tour


    So I have the opportunity to buy a used ES16 Tour.
    The guy that is selling it has used it for simulation in his home together with E6golf including 12 courses.
    He bought it new in 2016.
    I’m going to test it this Sunday.
    Is it something special I should think about when buying a used one?

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    To be blunt - don’t bother!
    Do a little homework and read about the ES16 on the forum. If you still want to purchase after reading some experiences / opinions, then I’d be very surprised.


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      Save yourself a big headache and look for something else


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        I had one for a couple of years. Perhaps I got worse over time, but I think it was the ES 16 since my scores on a real course have not change much. I liked it for a while, but finally decided to sell it due to the amount of readings that were questionable and other reasons. ES finally admitted the unit had flaws and came out with an upgrade called the ES 20/20, but one would have to come up with about $3K to get the upgrade. My suggestion, avoid it.


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          save yourself the headache.. get a skytrak. if you have the extra $$$ get a GC2.


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            As others have said, don't do it. My own experience with ES16 was not good.

            A friend who got stuck with one literally uses it as a doorstop. He's an ethical guy, and he can't bring himself to sell it to anyone.


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              I've given this some more thought. For good ball strikers the main issue with the ES 16 is horizontal launch angle.
              I was not aware of the tough misread issues with this unit until some of my golf buddies came over for a round at Pebble Beach. These guys are around bogie golfers and to me that is a fairly good golf. At the time I was around scratch. The round was ok for me, but the distance and direction misreads and no reads were a disaster for the other guys and very frustrating.

              For practice, I could have gotten along with the ES 16, but I wanted to drink beer and play with friends over. Not fun with that unit.

              The thing is, I now have a Protee setup. It also has issues and due to those I am once again uneasy about inviting people over to play. So, I'm in the same boat.


              • Stonebattle
                Stonebattle commented
                Editing a comment
                I will check that the tightness of the USB connections out.
                The cameras are on different USB ports and are on each one alone, but going to sleep makes sense. The computer is an older one, so I will check out the port to see if there is an issue.

                I found Interface version 3.15z10 but not any higher then that. I am trying it. I see the camera setting have to be different in this one. Is there a beta version that is higher then that one?
                I would like to get the latest version before our session.

              • PROTEE UK
                PROTEE UK commented
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                Stonebattle, I would not bother putting Z10 on If we put Z13 on but it will be advisable to let me put this on so I can check the boot file is being used and that it does not bring in old settings as this can get messy. The are advanced power settings for your power plan in windows 10 which should be set to high and under USB selective suspend should be off. Also in device manager you will be able to open the USB's and you will see they have a power option which is set to sleep as default, these should be unticked. With updating from very old versions to the new types, It is best to establish which file is being used to boot the interface and ensure that the correct interface settings are being applied to that file. If it best for me to do this as I can do this in a few minutes whereas if you get it wrong it could cause some issues which then become a much bigger task to work out.
                I will check and ensure all settings are where they need to be for optimal use.
                I would also advise that the Hcam you are using is not used as it could affect the timings of processes and cause the system to go into fallback mode and fire out shots which use a pre set launch angle as opposed to your actual which could also effect your distances and I can test this.
                If you want me to take a look thios evening, I am at my PC for a couple of hours

              • Stonebattle
                Stonebattle commented
                Editing a comment
                Ok, lets see, I just checked it and the power suspend mode for UBS ports is disabled on my system. All of the USB root hubs have the computers ability to turn them off unchecked.
                The power for the computer is set to high performance.
                When you write establishing the right file, do you mean uninstall the old file, delete appropriate entries in Documents, Program files and the Registry and then install the new interface and check the properties to see if it points to the right file or something along those lines?

                The H cam work great. Disabling it would not be my first choice. Disabling it would bring more no reads and horizontal launch angle misreads into play. I have not observed the fallback issue you describe and not only that, but the issues I point out above are still there with it not installed.

                I'm out most of the day for the next three days. Thursday would be good if any of the above is not a deal breaker. Should we do these comments in another thread?

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              Still a little more to do but the new ProTee interface is working well with an improved program and data comparable in testing so far with Trackman Indoor
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