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  • ES Tour Plus &TGC19

    Hi folks. I'm nearing the completion of my garage build I'm to the point where I can hit balls into the netting (prior to getting my impact screen up) and I wanted to test things out. The ES golf app works fine when connected to my computer and my TV, but when I've switched over to TGC, the shots are not showing up. The strange part is that the shot sounds are being produced, but not the flight path. Its as if the picture is frozen, but the game is still running.

    This is my second attempt to get things going. During both download attempts several issues arose with the download process and I was forced to delete and re-download several of the data packets before I'd be able to get it properly installed. I'm assuming this has something to do with the issues I'm having but it just doesn't make sense that it seems like everything is working fine, but alas, no motion in the picture.

    To be more specific, the game loads, I can then go through and choose a course, from there I can get the course to load and it shows me teeing off on the 1st tee box, I make the swing, hear the impact come through the speakers and then nothing (so anticlimactic). If I then try to restart the game and continue the round, it brings me to the second shot location and then the same thing happens again. I'm hoping someone else has suffered through this and can bring some light to my issue.
    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Sounds strange. Have you contacted Protee?


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      Try closing the Ernest sports practice app. Load the Ernest Sports interface and then load TGC 2019. You need the Ernest Sports interface running or TGC won't run properly.


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        I haven't contacted protee yet as I only took the time last night to try to re-download the software. I had the interface running in the background which is why, I assume, the actual shot was registering in the game with the sounds i.e. swing impact and ball landing, plus the birds chirping and the announcer talking. If someone from Protee is on here, please advise.


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          I assume you have the ES TGC interface connected before loading TGC. Have you tried the range or putting garden in TGC?


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            Follow up:
            Turns out the motherboard of the computer that I had built for me was faulty. It had nothing to do with the device or the software. Frustrating, but easily remedied!


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              similar thing happened to me. I replaced my Mobo from an ASROCK X370 Killer Sli to a Asus B450M F Gaming and it worked great.


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                Good to hear I'm not the only one!