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new board member with ES Tour pro and some software issues

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  • new board member with ES Tour pro and some software issues

    Hello all.

    I am a new member. I am living in Switzerland and I am using a ES Tour Pro at my garage since September 20. I wanted to have a direct comparision to the Skytrak, but nobody could realise and deliver the Skytrak last year and so I did buy the ES tour.
    Overall I have the same experiences the other forum members are discussing, problems with miss-reads more than no-reads. IMHO the no-reads on full shots and pitch shots are ball related, harder balls with a clicky sound are better to use
    additional I am having at my home-club a covered bay with enough room to use the device outdoor sometimes.
    My experiences are funny: If I set up the iPad software to OUTDOOR and hit a terrible cut, the device is not reading this as horrible as I can see, the other way around: sometimes with a normal strike the system reads a high slice. my experiences outdoor are to keep with the INDOOR settings because I have the overall feeling that the device is reading more correctly. I did try to calibrate outdoor as well, no difference.

    What I have to complain and maybe someone can help because e.mail help from Ernest Sports is very poor...
    1. the device is indoor and outdoor usable, but why can I not have a 2nd fix calibration for outdoor use?
    2. some of my clubs are giving problems and miss-reads to the device, shiny blades with polished sides next to the groves
    3. calibration is needed frequently otherwise the device is reading more and more miss-reads (not no-reads)
    4. ES Golf range software (award winning?) for iPad seems not as ready as the Windwos version, I found no setting for club gapping and club compare, the bag symbol at the left side menu is there and I can set the 4 different clubs with 4 different colours, but I get no results as shown at their web page - only the pure statistics, no coloured circle or such things - no gapping

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    and there is an other simple question: if I would like to have a bit more than the ES Golf range software but want not to spend 2.500US$ to the E6 software, what alternatives do I have for iPad? I did ask Ernest Sports and they told my in October that they are working on something...
    for me at the moment the "cheapest" solution would be buying a used Windows Notebook and use the TGC2019


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      You could do the yearly Subscription for E6 connect. USD 300 basic, 600 all except the a few super famous courses like Pebble Beach. It's a good batch. Just call You can get a free demo license with one full playable course which is a good way to get going. I think you find E6's practice ranges far superior to ES's.


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        Unfortunately I think I really have to call them, because they are not answering on the contact message from their contact page at the web. What a shame.