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Ernest Sports ES16 - New Camera Based LM

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  • I was wondering about the technique those of you use to calibrate the unit, in particular ball positioning. It seems to me, I get the best results when I place the ball down with the ball logo horizontal and pointing at the right edge of the right foot. (right handed) Even with this setup, I still seem to often get those horizontal launches that are 2 to 3 degrees off. (I know that is not much, but it makes a difference) For example, the ball strikes the screen 1 degree to the left of center, yet the system reports 4 degrees left or 2 degrees right of center. This type of thing is of course most noticeable when putting.


    • Hi all,

      I own an ES16 (not yet sure I can say that I am proud to own an ES16), and I have been a passive reader of the threads on the ES16 over the last year or so, while i tried to come to terms with the disappointing performance and accuracy. However, as others indicated the 152 firmware update seems to have been a great improvement. And a few minutes ago, very surprisingly I actually received a notification email from Ernest saying that version 154 has been released and that it improves the club head speed algorithm. First of all, nice that they finally send out notifications for updates, I hope they continue this. Second, I had noticed that club speed numbers varied a lot on similar swings but it hadnt been my primary concern as horizontal launch and spin axis caused so many problems until recently. I am not able to test the latest upgrade at the moment, but keen to hear about any changes people notice.

      I am finally hopeful again that the ES16 will turn out to be a good investment but I am still concerned about the release of the new 'white' ES16 and how much it will cost existing users to upgrade.


      • I also got the email and I upgraded. Club speed for wedges still appears a bit low, but 9 iron and up seems fairly close to my trackman numbers. Other wise, it seems very similar to FW 152, which it should. I proposed a method for ball logo position during calibration. I now have to say it does not work any better, so never mind. I do think one should use a T square to insure the unit is straight up and down.


        • I got the email and figured I would give it a try because I have had no luck on downloading FW 1.52, glad to say FW 1.54 downloaded fine, I calibrated my system and gave it a try. Wedges seem to be long for me (see photo, I normally get 110 total on my PW) I am only getting club face data on about half of my driver hits with one wild reading (I posted a photo of). I only hit about 30 shots but I am not impressed with what I got so far, Irons are OK I guess only miss club data on a few of them but really more than it should have, but for the most part it showed about what I would expect to see on my iron shots, a few a bit short and a few a bit long but for the most part in the neighborhood. I still would not recommend for anyone to buy a ES-16, as it still does not live up to what it claims to be.


          • BG:
            I would say you are talking about statements like the one below from their website.

            "With this revolutionary design, the ES16 Tour delivers more direct measurements and provides the most precise club and ball data available".

            Lofty claims to be sure.

            My wedges are about a half club long. The rest of the clubs are not bad. I still get those overly long ones, with irons in particular when I hit a pull draw. I also still get those shots that go +10 degrees to the right once in a while when the ball hits about the center of the screen. I have to agree, some shots seem to go a bit shorter while other go a bit longer than they should. In other words, distance variations seem larger than real.

            For me, it is far better than it was a couple of months ago and most shots are now reasonable. I get all of the club data on over 95% of my shots. Although, I would not yet count on it for club fitting.

            I can call the ball flight on most shots before they are displayed and I can complete a round in TGC without throwing up my hands. Those are big pluses in restoring confidence.

            Would I recommend others to purchase it? Tough call for now. I would have to say I would hedge, but it is getting closer to a yes. At this point in time, I am not disappointed in my purchase.


            • Went over my data and actually I get all club data on 89% of my shots and as BG indicated, most of the missed info is for the driver.