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How much would you pay for ......?

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  • How much would you pay for ......?

    Let's say the ES16 is $3500-4000, how much would you pay for: a. Protective case b. Extended warranty - yearly fee to be able to return item much like extended warranty at say Best Buy c. Sim software - both buy out and yearly lease - which would you prefer- buy or lease?
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    a) up to 300 so long as it doesn't degrade performance and covers any damage to the unit of the case fails.

    b) 100. I never get an extended warranty, so I wouldn't here unless it is really cheap.

    c) 1000 to buy, pretty much what swingsense prices are for TGC.

    Of course this is dependant on ES16 living up to its hype. Currently I am budgeting approx 5k for a LM w/ software so whether that goes to ES16 or a used GC2 remains to be seen.


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      For myself
      A 200
      B 100
      C 1000 maybe 50 month lease
      I think though as well I don't mind spending extra money if issues are corrected quickly with updates
      The unit is solid for expectations
      Lastly customer service


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        a) I don't see why the case would be any more expensive than a SkyTrak case? I'd say 100-145 would be reasonable.
        b) $100 per year (Like AppleCare, $350 for 3 years for MacBook Pro)
        c) $1,000 with loads of courses or $35-$45 per month.


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          a) $100
          b) $100/year
          c) $1k outright (don't like leasing or paying annual subscription fees)

          and $4k for unit prob too much and too close to new GC2 and above used GC2. and remember skytrak pre-launch orders were at $1,500 only.


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            $3.5 - $4K is more than I would pay for the unit. $2K - $2.5 would be more reasonable, given the competitive landscape, including the potential for other products to come to market, for existing products like the less expensive SkyTrak to eventually mature, and the option to buy used products on the secondary market.

            a) $100, but only if it appeared to genuinely be protective, and not just a thin plastic clamshell. Otherwise, I'll take my chances without one.

            b) Zero - I'll self-insure, but I expect a decent basic warranty of at least one year, which indicates the company has reasonable confidence in the product.

            c) I prefer to buy, with upgrades available for free for a reasonable period. Given the market, up to $1K. If a subscription, only something nominal - I dislike feeling locked into a constant stream of payments to use something, and find it annoying to pay on a continuing basis when there may be periods when I am unable to use the product because I am traveling or for other reasons.
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              What he said


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                Gman - I wish it was the 2-3k price range just as much as the next person, but honestly I feel like this unit if works as described is in a tad higher price bracket. Both Club + ball data is huge. I see this more as a mini flightscope, with some perks since it uses both types of tracking systems (doppler and photometric)

                To answer bubba's original questions:
                a) I'd probably pay 1 to 2 hundred for a case
                b) maybe 200 tops for an extended warranty
                c) $1,000 tops for sim software to buy outright. Somewhere around $20 a month to lease software seems reasonable. I'd probably prefer to lease, because I could then only pay for it in winter months when I'd really be using it (there's always just the option to use the range it comes with during summer months).
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                  A. Case: $125.00. It's just plastic with minimal R&D compared to an actual unit. Perhaps $150.00 if it also came with a nice travel bag for bringing it to the range.

                  On a related note.... If there is a bag, it needs to be LOGO FREE. Nobody understands how important branding is in business more than I do. Still, if you put a logo on the carry bag for something this small and expensive, it might as well be a "$4,000 inside, steal me!" sign on it.

                  B. Extended Warranty: Sorry, not interested. These are just recurring revenue models for sellers. The numbers are worked out carefully to create a net profit. If you read pretty much every consumer literature, the opinion is that extended warranties are a bad idea. Sort of like insurance in blackjack. And I agree with Jeff that a solid one-year warranty right out of the box is an absolute necessity.

                  C. Simulation: $1,000, as a one shot deal. The nonsense of being forced into a subscription based model that was initially concealed is the reason that I sold my Skytrak. If they want to make a lease option available, fine. But there should be a "buy once, cry once" price for everything involved.

                  Finally, as the other guys have mentioned, pricing is really pushing it. $3.5-$4K is approaching GC2 territory. Moreover, it's well over what used GC2s are going for when sold by reputable aftermarket retailers. And GC2 is an absolutely proven--it is a commercial use product with extremely solid build quality.

                  I understand that there are substantial R&D costs that ES needs to recoup. And yes, this is a new animal that merges two technologies.

                  Still, this item is an unproven commodity. If it turns out to be accurate and reliable, then the price is justified. If it turns out to be a beta product that is being sold as final (like another certain launch monitor), not so much.

                  Hopefully they will get aggressive with pre-order pricing, as early adopters are taking a substantial risk.
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                    The case/carry bag sounds outstanding. Good idea!

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                  Not a damn cent. At 3500 - 4000, the only way I'd consider touching the ES16 is if A,B, & C are included.


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                    northgolf Skytrak works on Windows too. You are not bound by iOS currently, unless you particularly wan to play WGT. All other sims will be windows based. They do play on android compatibility in the future too. But Windows is supported now and has been for a good few months and works well.

                  • northgolf
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                    @bennyg - not yet it doesn't, all that is beta nonsense. When you can purchase the software on the website and it actually ships to you, then it works.

                  • bennyg211
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                    northgolf it's not beta nonsense, you can download the windows software from the SkyGolf website here:

                    Just as a note, I don't recall being able to buy Apple software that they actually physically ship to you for many years, it doesn't make their software beta nonsense either. The Windows software works fine for many and they are also using to play the E6 demo without any issues. If it's not for you, then its not for you. But regardless of your thoughts to it, the Windows software allows you to run the SkyTrak exactly the same as the iOS software, with the exception of WGT, but with the addition of E6 demo
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                  A) $0 - A multi-thousand dollar device that's designed to sit beside the ball when you hit should be able to take a few shots. If I can get a cell phone for $800 that let's me drop it from shoulder height into the toilet without destroying it, then I should be able to get a launch monitor that can take the occasional shank.
                  B) $100 - Any more than that, and it's not really worth it. I've never had an electronic device die on me in the first 5 years. Hopefully the ES16 will be at least that robust.
                  C) $1,000 - if bought outright or $250/yr rental. I'm not too fussed about either case.


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                    Originally posted by Bubba22 View Post
                    Let's say the ES16 is $3500-4000, how much would you pay for: a. Protective case b. Extended warranty - yearly fee to be able to return item much like extended warranty at say Best Buy c. Sim software - both buy out and yearly lease - which would you prefer- buy or lease?
                    1. $100
                    2. $120 yearly. Max.
                    3. Yearly Rental unacceptable. Sell it for 500-1k like TGC. (this passive income stream model worked wonders for other sims...)


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                      Here's the latest I just received.....

                      Thank you for reaching out about the ES16. The unit will show smash factor,
                      swing speed, ball speed, carry and total distance, angle of attack, launch
                      angle, launch direction, spin rate, spin axis, ball height and land angle.
                      It is has a full simulation option, and it is the first ever launch monitor
                      to combine camera tracking technology and Doppler in one unit. This allows
                      us to take the “best of both worlds” and have more direct measurements
                      rather than calculations. We just debuted the product at the PGA Show in
                      Orlando last week and are now taking $500 deposits. The total cost is $4300,
                      and the remaining balance would need to be paid prior to shipment (which we
                      are anticipating early March).
                      We should be sending out testing results in the next few

                      If you have any additional questions or if you would like to place a
                      deposit, give us a call at (770) 734-0413 or 855-354-GOLF.


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                        It seems like a lot of people aren't interested in extended warranty on this sight.. I thought for such a high investment price you would want one of those maybe i'm wrong?