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Garmin R10 vs Real ball flight & Mevo+

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  • Garmin R10 vs Real ball flight & Mevo+

    Found some videos which I thought was interesting.
    Compares R10 to Mevo+ and a real ball flight tracer.

    It's in Japanese but should be mostly self-explanatory:

    As expected, Mevo+ is very accurate since it tracks a significant portion of the ball flight. (rumor is until the apex) But the R10 fairs well though there are few inaccurate shot shapes. I assume it doesn't track much of the ball flight or isn't good at side spin detections.

    He then updated it to fw 3.60 and tested it again with a real ball tracer:

    With that firmware, it seems quite accurate with the irons. But still gets the lateral shape/spin incorrect at times, especially the Driver. If they can iron that out with newer firmware releases, it would become a very solid unit imo at a price that just cannot be beat.
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    Thanks aussiebenny - that's exactly what I was looking for! It shows the full flight of the ball, and the Garmin Approach R10 Range screen side-by-side, and he goes through longer clubs (driver/fairway wood), as well as short irons. I watched only the 3.6 fw version as that is the current standard.

    I've found that the Garmin Approach R10 is very accurate, and as you can see in the video - it does have some problems detecting side-spin properly, but it does that rarely. I'm very happy with it, and you're right - a very solid unit for the price that cannot be beat. I also like how portable it is, carry it to the range in it's case that comes with it, but it could actually fit in my pocket if I was comfortable carrying around a $600 unit in my pocket - I guess not much different than my phone!