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Warning: Issues with certain balls

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  • Warning: Issues with certain balls

    I didn't do too much testing, but it appears that the Garmin doesn't work well with certain balls. Specifically, Wilson Titanium balls. Here's my observation:

    I had received my Garmin and tried it out using a temporary setup using a hitting net in my garage while I am in process of building out my sim station. It worked great in less than ideal conditions (bare concrete floor, metal shelves behind the net, etc.). A few days later I setup the net again to try it out. this time I had removed the shelves behind the net, laid marine carpeting over the concrete, and cleaned up the area- all things that should have improved the environment for the R10. However, I could not get the R10 to register/track 95% of my hits. I made sure it was level, calibrated, correct distances, etc. I went methodically through all the variables that were different between my first experience when everything worked and this time when it didn't. Finally, I realized I had grabbed a different ball out of a a bucket of balls I find on courses, rather than my normal gamer balls. This was ball was a shiny, new-looking Wilson Titanium. I tried a different ball (Calloway Soft) and the R10 tracked every shot. Switched back to the Wilson and it didn't register any of 5.

    My conclusion is that the titanium in the Wilson doesn't play well with the R10.Anyway, thought I'd post this as it may help others solve or avoid similar issues.

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    Wow - good to know, I'm using Callaway Supersoft balls now and every shot registers on my Garmin!

    Here's the balls I'm using:


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      I bought a sleeve of the Titleist Pro V1 RCT's that are supposed to "engineered to work with radar launch monitors." These balls consistently DON'T register with my Garmin R10. Have had no trouble with either Calloway or TaylorMade balls.


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        Might have something to do with Garmin not using dots like Trackman or Flightscope.

        You can't put E85 in a gasoline-powered ICE that isn't configured for it, either.