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Projecting garmin app to a tv?

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  • Projecting garmin app to a tv?

    I'm just finishing my garage build and was trying to put off buying a projector while I worked the kinks out. I mounted my tv on the wall, bought a hdmi adaptor which lets me connect my old samsung s9 to the tv and charging at the same time. Using the deX app. It seemed to work at 1st but now the screen keeps cutting out, comes back on for a few seconds and repeats problem. I thought maybe the problem was the 15-year-old led tv. Took it to a friend's house and had same issue. Bought another short cable, top of the line. Will this issue also happen with a projector? Anyone else have any issues or thoughts? Thanx,1st post after lurking for info over the last few months!

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    Bob Ferguson - I've done it both ways, cable, and project it (Mirror your iPhone screen to the projector). As long as you have a decent projector you can try it either way... I've had problems too some times with the cable connection - so lately I've been only mirroring (sending video/audio) from iPhone to the Projector and it's so much easier.

    Here's the projector I have:

    If you want to send it from TV, if your playing with another software you can Mirror from TV also, just select your Display Settings on the computer display and Mirror it and you will see it on your computer monitor + on your screen

    But, you may have to consider audio cables, to get audio to speakers use this:

    Here is the Vizio Surround sound system I use with the projector (also does a good job with music):

    You can see my setup and where I placed speakers on my Shed Build thread here:

    and here about the projector/screen:

    Let me know if you have any questions,


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      Thanx, I'll look at all the links and be smarter for it! I hate how finicky electronics can be !


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        Bob Ferguson if you have a TV or projector that doesn’t let you Mirror from iPhone or iPad like Brettster has mentioned. Than you can also get a Roku for $29 that will let you do this. A ROKU will be cheaper than a 30ft HDMI cable and do the same job. Also I like it as I can keep my iPad charging while using sim.


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          Thanx for info!