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New Ernest Sports LM in January?

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  • New Ernest Sports LM in January?

    At the end of this this video (around 50 second mark) from Par2pro, the ES rep says a new "beefed up LM" that can do "everything that people are paying $18k+ for" will be released at this coming PGA show in January.

    Anyone have info or thoughts on what they are working on?

    Price point?
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    Man, that sounds hauntingly familiar! The ES-16 is still in its infancy and they're gonna jump to another project? Or maybe it's the newer more refined 16 that they've been working on? The Spectrum.


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      I do feel like a new release is throwing in the towel on the es16. Which then leads me to believe that if they do make a "beefed up" version, it will be at an entirely different price point -- maybe ~$10k -- so that it sits in a different category of the es16.

      If it comes in at a price point close to the es16, with better specs/capabilities, I suspect current es16 owners will not be happy at all.

      However, I'm very interested.


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        Ok. Didn't see the video before... so sounds like a totally new product. I'm curious what the price point will be as well. Gosh I hope this one's actually ready for prime-time upon release. Obviously a lot of hard lessons learned with the ES16, but I do feel for those folks who supported the beta run. Hopefully Ernest Sports takes good care of them with respect to trade-in values. We have yet to see if the new iteration has even resolved the current issues. And now there's an even better unit due to be released? The ES-16 was supposed to be billed as the unit that could do what everyone wanted it to do. I know they're good people with good intentions, but I'm one who had the 16 on pre-order. Ended up going with FS. Really glad I did, especially with all this happening.


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          Hey All,

          They really didn't specify if it was a whole new unit or a fix to the ES16. We still have ours for beta testing, but have not gotten any further updates other than this teaser. Hoping that it is just a fix so we can just update / exchange our ES16s

          Happy Golfing!


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            Yeah, I made another pst about this a little while ago. It is a new es16 version a I believe the new price will be $5900 and that the charge will be the difference of $500. That's what I was told and to restate my own feelings on that, I think it sucks that we don't get the upgrade for free since these are features we were promised, but if this new version costs more to produce, then it is what it is.


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              I'd say will lose all credibility as a serious option if this release is not spot on....

              they've used up the "good will" card with the ES16 launch prior to being ready.

              if not 100% ready, a word to the wise... don't release it. Most of us don't trust the release at this point and will simply sit back and watch.

              If in fact the product lives up to the promises you have a winner...... we shall see


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                i would personally run from that company and look at putting a reversal on your credit card asap might get there attention


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                  I remember talking to one of the guys there once about the unit not registering shots if I hit it fat, and his response was essentially that - "research has found that it is to the golfers advantage not to obsess on the information from a bad shot like that, so I wouldn't worry about it" .... my response "so if i want to play a full round of sim golf, how does that work? I just take a mulligan on all my bad shots?" ..... I wish all the ES16 owners luck and I hope ernest does them right.


                  • Blaiser
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                    Wow. Now that is just ridiculous. If ever there was a desperate statement that is just short of throwing in the towel, that is it right there.

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                  Early 2018 release date ES18, suppose to be able to use in direct sunlight and not have to possition logo at the devise. I believe price is suppose to be around $8K, at least that is what I was told.

                  Unfortunately I just can't see jumping in on this, I just can't believe it will be better than a GC2 with HMT (I hope I'm proved wrong).