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    Hi Chuck. I finally got my Tittle X last week and am all registered an playing it. Well through my phone's Bluetooth connection at least. I bought a USB Bluetooth dongle for my computer from bestbuy(insignia brand) and have had the same problems after trying various fixes, of device connected ….device not connected, back and forth and its frustrating me why this is happening. Tried it through my laptop's Bluetooth and no connection problem. Any ideas from anyone would be appreciated. I have ordered a different Bluetooth dongle from Amazon last night to see if that will correct the problem.
    As for the system, it is quite nice. I did upgrade my video card to a better one with 2GB RAM, mine was old as computer, 2011/12. That makes the biggest difference in performance and allows the mouse to move around quick. My set came complete with a bracket for each club from 4 to driver, In fact 2 driver and PW/SW/Putter. Guess I got lucky because the ad says only 2 clips. Came in a nice little mesh bag as well. Currently only using the swing stick due to room. Will try other clubs as I rearrange couch. Maybe cleanup garage one day.
    Well worth the money to buy if not for just the swing practice and the strategy of playing the right clubs for distance. I was in between this and R-Motion, and I think I made the right choice. Look forward to being part of the thread here ongoing and spreading the word already to friends to buy as well.


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      Nugget; Oh Oh boy are you going to have fun. Tittle X is a blast. With Trugolf's E6 software you're going to have fun. It's the best sim software out there IMHO. If you have their clips (or cradles as they call them), your only concern should be if it slips down the club on a hard swing. I like their design on the clips (cradles), they are very easy to use and they are a well thought out functionally. It sounds like you got lucky and got a full set. All I got was a D and PT. But enough to work with for me. They are made out of hard plastic and will break under stress; so if you have one-per-club, you may consider wrapping a wind of tape just below the bottom of the clip just in case it slips from the grip on a wild swing. If they get loose on you; try my homebrew version chip-cradle. They work fine and I've used them exclusively for the past year on my own Tittle clubs.

      Bluetooth/USB you will need to find a Bluetooth 4.1 or better. I found a generic USB BT 4.1 at a local Staples that's worked well. When I first set up my Tittle X device, I hit the same snag; The USB/BT4.1 was one. (The R-motion dongle doesn't work btw, it's in its own world). If your BT doesn't see the Tittle X device, get a new USB/BT device. Since you have your phone working as an intermediary to WIFI, E6 is at least available but it is laggy (I agree).

      I've done a few course swing stick only playing in the living room and it wasn't easy. Putting was the poison to my game. However; for swing improvement, exercise, and add-ons, I did this; get some 3lbs weights and hold them with your swing stick on the practice range. You will be amazed at how in a few weeks, you will be nailing 200yrd 4 irons. It really is good for a strength conditioning exercise. For putting; do use a real putter and real balls if you can afford the space. The tip with putting on E6 (using tittleX) is to aim hole and zero out the tittle, but when you swing (or tap or whatever) re-adjust the face of your club square with the screen. You'll understand once you put a few times. Your putter swing distance though is pretty realistic (just DON'T US BOOST. It will mess with your mind). With time on the practice field, I've found it to be extremely accurate and really really good with irons and wedges.

      After my first year of use, I love Tittle X and E6 golf. If you want to look me up; I'm "Smashking0" in E6-Online and every game is real-club and real-balls from my garage with my hack cradles. Also, I believe that Tittle X gives you a license for two machines, so you can have an E6 installed at your home sim, and one at work (or workout garage). Regardless. enjoy. It really is the best of the IOT devices for golf. I'm glad you I gave you good advice :-)
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        Is it just me or does this whole thread seem like some sort of bogus advertising trying to get people to buy this product????


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          It's a labor of love Laboroflove. TittleX is just that good of a deal. Everyone likes to brag about their sims and poop on the rest so c'est la vie. If you already own a sim; this gadget is worth throwing in your bag. Besides, who wouldn't want the best game ever even if It did sound like a sales pitch to you. Just because doesn't have a Tittle-X section under the golf-simulator-brands-and-types is no reason to dump on us. Just because the Tittle is better than most sims out there (including the expensive ones), doesn't mean you can just dump on us like that.
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            Hey Chuck - not trying to “dump” on anyone. I just found this thread to be very different than most I read on any forum. Sounds like an infomercial which I found interesting and was curious if I was the only one. I don’t personally know the product so couldn’t ever “dump” on it. Just so I understand, are you saying you’re just an avid consumer of the system and not financially associated with them yourself? Or are you associated with their company?


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              You are not the only one, it does seem to read differently than others for whatever reason. Especially with comments like "Just because the Tittle is better than most sims out there (including the expensive ones)".

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              The Tittle-specific responses to Chuck in this thread need to be run through the forensic linguistics machine like they did with Kaczynski.

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            No, I have absolutely no financial connection with Tittle X ( or any folks that created this device. I'm a physicist, I'm a computer geek, gamer, game developer, work in electrical engineering, and took a deep dive in into golf about 4 years ago for exercise and health reasons. It's a fantastic stress reliever and challenging physics, and yes Bryson DeChambeau is my hero. I know what these IOT sensors do at the electronics level, and I know how well they can perform and their limitations. But bottom line, I'm just an enthusiast.

            I'm sorry if the whole TittleX thread sounds like a sales pitch. My enthusiasm for the Tittle X Golf with E6 package is based on usage. The engineers that designed this are top notch on a well thought-out design execution of the product. Trugolf's E6 software is one of the best simulator golf games made. Also very well designed exclusively as simulator software, not as game software.

            I want people to try it and join in; It's just good stuff that will make you want to brag about it
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              More Tittle X golf fun. Since some folks have expressed deep concerns that this thread sounds like a commercial; why not just go with it. Here is Tittle X in a full simulator with real balls and my deluxe homebrew TttleX holders on the Trugolf simulated driving range.
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                Ok. Here is putting with Tittle X with real balls; Basically; set your stance aligned with the center line, and shoot at a straight line down the centerline. BUT, when you set first set your stance, aim the face club to the hole until 'ready' and re-adjust to shot down the line as you swing. The method even works on a real putting green if you can see the imaginary curve to the hole.
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                  Am I understanding this without reading the 4 pages? You pay a lot of money for E6 and feed the data from a $200 something that clips on a club or weighted swing thingy? I have nothing against title x but if you’re spending E6 money why not get a skytrak?


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                    I think you are misunderstanding the $200 TittleX golf thing. It includes the E6 software (15 courses in all) in addition to the Tittle-to-PC-to-E6 middleware, and the Andriod/IOS apps to do other stuff with the device (GolfGPS I really an amazingly useful feature found in the Andriod Tittle X apps) But in fact, it isn't just one license for E6, it two. One for your sim at home, one for work laptop (as an example). The downside is that you pay over twice the cost of the Tittle to purchase add-on packs from all of the other E6 add-on courses. So at that price level, it doesn't make much sense unless you a club or something; then the Skytrak approach makes a lot of sense. But for the basic system Tittle X provides, it is well worth it, and a real bargain.
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                      Originally posted by Chuck View Post
                      It's a labor of love Laboroflove. Just because the Tittle is better than most sims out there (including the expensive ones), ...
                      The sims you list in your sig are all at the low end. I think you'll find higher end sims are in fact better.


                      • mthunt
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                        So don't trade my GC2 and HMT for this?

                      • Jwheels9876
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                        Lol, I'd go for it. You cant use your gc2 and HMT in your office at work on your pc monitor.

                      • Chuck
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                        Well I know if I could afford a GC2; even used, I'de be playing that every chance that I could. But, alas, I'm just a nerd type that likes champagne on a beer budget. Besides the IOT (Internet of things) devices like R-motion, Tittle, PhiGolf and like will only get better. I suspect they will put a drag down on the prices of some tracker systems as they add tough competition to the field. I've been on several simulators to try different clubs at places like Golf-Galaxy, Dick's, etc and they are amazing in how well the measure your trajectory. The Tittle isn't that quality (yet), but it's pretty good (actually it's not bad at all considering many of the parameters are calculations). If AI (deep learning) was used to train the software, I would bet that it would soon achieve a level of accuracy right in line with the best ball trackers on the market. I'm waiting for someone to come around and do that as a commercial device. It should be fun.

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                      Hi all,

                      I purchased my Tittle X back in the summer after gaining as much information as I could find in and around the web! I have to say at this point a big thanks to Chuck as I found his unbiased review (IMO) on YouTube and his cradle hacks to be very informative. I am trying to get the best possible home sim on a very limited budget and the Tittle ticks all the boxes so far - I know there is nothing like getting out there on the 'short' green stuff but what feedback the Tittle gives me, I have been taking to the real range and the adjustments are working.

                      It would be nice get some information like I get from my SkyPro in regards to swing plane and the various angles throughout a full swing - but for an average fair weather golfer I am so happy with my purchase (can't wait for Spring!) and the swing stick suits my low ceilings!. I will try and get a R-Motion on the used market (the other one I was looking at but out of my price range!) and give a fair comparison if I do.

                      It would also be nice if TruGolf could release more tournaments and events which use the courses you get with Tittle package and it was good to see the last bunch of tournaments appear as I had thought they had forget about us E6 1.6's and were pushing E6 Connect.



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                        If E6 is running low on Events, write support. Ultimately they really need to allow end-users to create events like Optishot. That would really allow the social relationships to develop in the game (which is lacking in the current structure of competition in the game). Still, its great graphics and good enjoyment for single users and training makes for a good time.
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                      Since the tittleX works with fake golf balls (or none at all), I've been thinking to get one for the RV but see it uses e6 cloud. Does this mean it requires Internet while playing? If so then it's a no go for me. I assume (but not sure) rmotion will work without Internet.


                      • FaultyClubs
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                        Following up my own post, the TittleX does indeed need the Internet. So the grandkids are out of luck when camping. They've probably outgrown these wii like devices anyway.

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                      Yeah, so true there FaultyClubs. E6 does require constant internet access to check the license status. It checks at least every hole. I hate that aspect. I really wish software companies would give up this type of invasive intrusions into the use of their software product and give the end users the freedom to be unhooked. Opensource never has these kinds of issues.