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P3 ProLaunch Ball Launch Monitor @ $1,600

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  • P3 ProLaunch Ball Launch Monitor @ $1,600

    P3Proswing has introduced a new launch monitor on their website. $1,600 for existing customers of their hardware.

    Haven't heard anything about this until I stumbled upon their website today. Does anyone here have any experience with it?

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    Seems like everybody is now trying to come out with add ons. Interesting though that they don't measure HLA.


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      Looking at their screenshots, i like that they show what the picture has seen.

      Does anyone know, when they show the ball streak and it shows multiple images of the ball, does the number of ball images equal the number of pictures taken?


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        Looks really good. Guessing it can’t be used separately outside? Also uses LM numbers over Pads numbers for ball flight simulation?


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          So this thing measures BOTH ball data AND club data?


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            I'd say no. Sure you need the p3pro base that you hit off of. Even without it at $1500 it could be good if it was integrated with all the software options.


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              What software do they use for golf courses? How are the golf courses.


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                Not familiar with this system, but looks like you have to mark balls, mark clubs, and maybe use foam balls????

                Look at accessory pack that comes with it...

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                  You definitely have to tape the clubs to get more accurate readings. It will read clubs without the tape, but the results may not be as accurate without it. The marked balls though is interesting, what type of markings do they require to pick up the ball readings? Would suck to have to use a specific ball that you may not like.


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                    Edit: Accidentally posted this in the wrong thread. Confused the Optishot monitor with the P3Proswing version.

                    There was a sponsored ad that popped up on my Facebook news feed this afternoon. It was a 50 second video showing the OptiShot BallFLight in action. It didn't show or explain much but they were showing people use the BallFLight without an OptiShot sensor pad. The video did not show any ball data either. I can't find the video on their web page or Facebook page but it has got to be out there somewhere.
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                      I own a P3ProSwing and got an e-mail about this. While searching for more information on the ProLaunch I ran across these forums.

                      I've sent a few e-mails to someone at P3Proswing to get more information. They do use marked balls with the simulator. I asked one of their staff what the markings are and I went ahead and included an image they had sent showing how the balls are marked. They mentioned the arrow is on there is just for reference when setting up the ball on the mat or tee to hit it. I've also included a link to the manual for the ProLaunch which gives a bit more info on how setup works for it.

                      So, if you marked your own balls, you would have to use blanks and wouldn't exactly be able to use whatever ball you typically use. I imagine taking a ball marking guide and drilling holes in it for where to mark the dots might work for making your own.

                      I'm a bit conflicted. I already have a P3ProSwing which has been a solid piece of equipment. This system would tie into that software so it makes it nice and easy to handle all ball, club and swing video information in one program. The price is $400 lower than a SkyTrak, plus I already have courses to play on the P3ProSwing whereas I would have to pay $99 a year plus whatever money for golf course software if I ever wanted to do more than hit on a simulated range. I don't know much about how well a FlightScope Xi works,or if the software supports more than basic range functionality. The next best option seems like a GC2, but that's definitely a lot more money even for a refurbished one from Foresight.

                      The marked balls is a bit of a pain with this system, and having to place the ball in the correct direction versus just rolling one onto the mat could get old when just hitting with an iron or hybrid. It does seem like it would allow it to provide pretty good accuracy. They have a 30 day trial so I'm inclined to at least give it a whirl.


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                        We did some testing with this unit here at Par2Pro. The set up was super easy. I emailed P3ProSwing with some questions about the technology as I wasn't able to find the information online concerning frame rate and capture rates, the Operations Manager, sent me this info: "The speed is 60 fps, but that is not relevant to the way we get the images because the shutter is open only long enough to get a single frame. The strobe rate is what makes it work for us and the strobe rate varies based on the club selected and distance to the pin". We found the system fairly accurate as long as the ball markings were aligned properly. This became difficult after the markings wore off, which happened quicker then we preferred. We also ended up using an impact net to protect our screen from getting marked up. We are working with P3ProSwing to address that concern.