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Congrats to @frackh (NET) and @allen2be (GROSS) winning the TGC 2017/2018 SPRING TOUR - RBC Heritage !

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Tittle X golf simulator with real clubs, real balls and E6 sim software.

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  • Tittle X golf simulator with real clubs, real balls and E6 sim software.

    Well, I promised a video showing the Tittle X golf simulator using real clubs and balls. So here it is. In the video I mention using something called "Mighty Mend" to thicken the shaft of clubs when the clip doesn't grip well. It's actually called "Mighty Fixit" and it's a thick elastic plastic tape that seems to work well for this application. You will want to google it. My fault on that mix up.

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    DANGER. Don't listen to me. I broke one of the clips today using that 3W club in the video. Just like in the video, the clip slid down the shaft from my swing and hit the club head and struck the ball with such force that it broke two small tabs on the clip and the chip went flying. The tittle chip is OK. but the driver clip is damaged and the chip won't click into place anymore. Sad. Just to show what happened here are some photo. In photo2, there is a side-by-side comparison to good clip on the left, and the damaged clip on the right. I have the PT clip (for the putter) which I discovered fits the clubs with narrower shafts so it's not a complete loss. Shoot... I had already played 9 holes, hit one birdie, when this happened. Right now, I'm trying to think what would work best as a repair or fix for this.
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      Well I found out something new about the TittleX device. It doesn't need the plastic clip to operate. I was aware that the clips had a Hall effect chip for the devices sensor to read the ciub type. But as it turns out, the chip doesn't need the clip to operate. So I thought I would revive and old idea for making my own cradles. Basically this uses a cheap golf wiffle ball cur in half and two zip ties.

      I had no problems with this on the driver taking full impact with real balls after at least 50 swings. On the irons, I had needed to put the chip in the cradle before tightening the bottom zip. The narrower shaft made the pocket too small to fit the chip in. Clearly it needs some more experimenting on the irons. One observation I noticed on the driving range with real ball strikes, It fades the shot nearly 100% of the time. With the "impact" wiffle balls, it draws and you can see both of those in the video. So there may need to be some tweaking that needs to be done.
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        Well, my wiffle ball cradle is work very well, and I've done my D, 3i, 7i and SW. I've been on the E6 driving range trying each club with the following; NO-BALL, Foam Ball, MaxFli Plastic "impact" ball, a Real ball with the Tittle chip. The physics system of Tittle is definitely not designed for real balls. I suspect, they have a parameter for the ball mass in their physics but it's set to 0 or something artificially low. Once your in the wedges, it seems that NO-BALL and real ball doesn't matter as much. Both of those are about equal. So with wedges and putter, it looks good and feels about right for real play. On the driver through the irons, it appears the torque exerted on the club by the real ball mass impact is recorded as an open face, and in my case they all predictably fade (as typical for R-handed).

        So, it looks like if you want realism in your short game, use real balls. If your doing the Wood and irons, plastic balls will give a more realistic simulator result.