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  • PhiGolf WGT Edition

    Anyone seen this?

    I know a couple guys who bought the original PhiGolf Club Sensor off Kickstarter last year. It works pretty well, gives a good display of club path, both backswing and through swing. Build quality was really good too. Their App had a cool clubface alignment thing as well; you can see the club face moving open or closed at address on screen before you swing. I’ve played WGT many times, the graphics are really good and I’ve talked to a few guys who play WGT using their SkyTrak launch monitors and they told me it’s good. $2000+ is too rich for my blood right now so SkyTrak is out for me...I wonder if this would be a good setup for significantly less? I’m thinking WGT app mirrored to a big screen with a solid club sensor could make for a pretty good setup, especially considering the price. If anyone has any info on PhiGolf or WGT as a sim, please give me your thoughts! Thanks!

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    I would say the best thing about this product is the two chicks.


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      Agreed! Especially the blonde...

      I talked with my buddy who owns a PhiGolf Sensor, he confirmed that he uses his with his real clubs, not the short stick, and the data is pretty accurate. That’s how I would use it; set up a net, mirror WGT to my TV and play. Mine is on order (’s Kickstarter), I’ll post a review as soon as I get it.


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        I don't know anything about WGT, but I bought one Phigolf for my dad last summer and he loves it! Can he play WGT with his Phigolf or should he buy another one? Anyone knows anything about this?


        • Phi Kim
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          If you have one Phigolf, you can play wgt game also.
          Good Luck!

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        Using Real Club -
        Using Real Putt -

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          Thanks for the post. I never heard of the device but as I looked into it, it looks pretty cool. For a good review of the device and software see;

          One thing I found interesting was that the review kept getting a distance that was about 20% shorter compared to his GC2. So I downloaded the Phigolf software from the Google Play store and it looks like there is no way to tell the device that you'll be striking real balls. It looks like the Phigolf swing analyzer may be doing what the Tittle is doing (that's not taking into account the ball's strike inertia on the measured clubhead speed on impact. In E6golf you can add or subtract a boost to the distance and on Tittle but I've found maybe unnecessary with by decreasing swing sensitivity. The only issue that concerns me with Phigolf is the club mounting. I would expect this to be hard on the grip with a lot of use.


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            An update for full disclosure; After looking at the kickstart website and looking at the Phigolf app on the Google Playstore, and also trying a WGT game for s second time; I decided to join the kickstart and see if it makes for good play. I've played WGT before and had an account already on it, but I really found it gimmicky with the pro-shop and the artificial prizes it awards (grown). If it doesn't affect the simulation quality, it may be useful. We'll see come fulfillment in March 2019. I'll give my review when it arrives. Maybe an unboxing or something.
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              There are several video on the YouTube and Facebook. Refer them. Find 'phigolf' in the youtube,
              If more question? Our member will cover it. Thanks

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            Thanks for the update Phi Kim. I look forward to giving it a try in my garage I hope it's easy to move from club to club. Is there a way to calibrate the device for WGT?


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              I just backed this myself last night (the $99 version), so I hope Kim comes back to answer your question Chuck! To expand upon that, is it a different version of WGT too? I've played a ton of the regular Android version, so I was curious how that is going to in: will I need a new user account? Are club distances directly linked to the Phi, or are they tied into the WGT shop structure where you must buy new clubs to get more distance and accuracy.


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                I got to try the web version of WGT and I hope that this is a new version specifically designed for simulators. My concern is that in the web version that I played it was very much keyboard oriented, and I wound up having to go to the keyboard several times to change clubs for example or to aim a shot. In a simulator, I like that all to be pretty close to hands-free. Optishot will really spoil you in the way and that very seldom do you ever need to go to the keyboard. The others fall off to varying degrees but one can still get the game played without being annoyed with keyboard interaction.
                We'll see.

                In the meantime, I've really gotten to like the TittleX a lot. Surprisingly I'm hitting it as far is Optishot and R motion. I'm now getting very comparable distances and flight Dynamics that I was seeing in the other games. I think like R-motion, both are very sensitive to proper swing motion (which is actually kind of a good thing). If you do buy a Tittle X, I don't think you will be sorry.