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Congrats to @allen2be (NET) and @Marc Andre (GROSS) winning the TGC 2018/2019 WINTER TOUR - The Players Championship !

Join this weeks TGC 2018/2019 WINTER TOUR - Valspar Championship with 2 rounds at New Mississaugua G&CC white :
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  • Myswinguru

    Anyone else try this. I bought the 1 yr subscription. Seems like it has the potential to be great but I haven’t been able to get useful results from it yet. You get automatic instant replay which is nice so you could set it in the background while you play TGC. The Kinect analyzes front on and side view simultaneously. Seems accurate when I trialed the pro version. However, the myswinguru has been nothing but frustration bc it only tells your primary swing fault for each of the 4 components of the swing. Unlike the pro version it seems to be using inaccurate information to determine each swing fault. For me it tells me open knees at address no matter what I do and thus I don’t know anything else that could be wrong with my setup, although later I can check online bc it stores all your angles from your swing in the cloud. For my downswing fault it says hands inside out?

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    make sure the kinect is perpendicular to your hitting location. I mean exactly. The face of the kinect needs to be perfectly parallel to your setup. It measures the distance from it to you and gives you the readings. If that is off so will the data. You an also go to the screen that shows your alignment live and make sure you are square before making a swing. It's quite good but there are some idiosyncrasies you need to be familiar with to get the most out of it.


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      How far does the kinect need to be from you?


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        mine is about 9ft but there is some flexibility there. not a ton though


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          So you actually are using myswinguru not the pro version? I have not seen any feedback from anyone that has used myswinguru. The older version if swinguru despite having an older interface actually gave you multiple fault issues for each component of the swing. I've demoed the pro version when I was having issues with myswinguru and was able to get correct readings from it.


          • mmlincon
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            Oh, no I'm on pro. I did not care for the myswinguru at all.

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          The nice thing is if myswinguru worked you'd get that instantanous automatic feedback while playing a round of TGC. Unfortunately it doesnt seem to work for me and I cannot find anyone else that has used it.


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            Ok thanks for the info back to OBS for me.


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              video recording with swinguru pro is secondary. It is able to measure every little detail about positions. It basically a markerless 3D system


              • htdumps
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                Cool Ill Have to check it out, Im just worried about the space, I only have a 12x13 space.

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              FYI - SwingGuru doesn't work with SkyTrak. Both the ST and Kinect have infrared cameras that interfere with each other. When I had both on at the same time my ST would just blink on and off and couldn't detect a shot.


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                So, I've continued to test the system. The Myswinguru is capable of running in the background during a round of TGC and it doesnt seem to slow the system down. Therefore, you can get live instant replay of your swings while your playing a round of TGC. It will nicely pause for a half second at each of the 4 components of the swing (stance, backswing, impact, finish) displaying your primary fault. I've also tested it with nothing else running to make sure that is not a component of my issues with myswinguru along with disconnecting all other USB devices.

                Unfortunately this software has many flaws. It will only display 1 swing error for each of the 4 components of the swing. If this swing error is in error or something that you don't want to change; then, it renders the live instant replay aspect of the software useless since you cannot see your other faults. For instance I get a fault of open knees at swing setup. There is nothing I can do to eliminate this swing fault until I go to an extreme closed knee position. Therefore, I don't see any other faults of my stance. A nice aspect is that later you can go to swingurucloud and it displays the averages for all the various body part angles (hips, shoulders, etc...) during the swing. Unfortunately when I compare the data to that generated by swinguru pro it is very off. For instance I'll get shoulder and hip angles that differ by > 40 degrees!! Impossible....This suggests something is wrong with the software and not the hardware since both software uses the same hardware. I've looked for any reviews on myswinguru and cannot find anything. This suggests that this software is too new and/or no-one is using it. Support is no longer responding to my inquiries. This could be a good piece of software but is too beta like in capability. Good luck to anyone that gives it a try. This is probably why they don't offer a demo to try.