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Congrats to @Monovision (GROSS) and @Joe_S (NET) winning the TGC1 2020 SUMMER TOUR - Rocket Mortgage Classic!

Join this weeks TGC1 2020 SUMMER TOUR - John Deere Classic with 2 rounds at Banff Springs (Pro Tee):
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2K Announces The New PGA TOUR 2K21 (TGC2021) Game!!!

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  • 2K Announces The New PGA TOUR 2K21 (TGC2021) Game!!!

    Just announce with more info coming May 14th, no current sign of PC though

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    Just saw the latest on stream release 8/21 for playstation, xbox one, PC. I have to question the price the announcement stated Pre-order now so you can look your best as you beat the best. Through a partnership between 2K and adidas, players who pre-order PGA TOUR 2K21 will receive the 2K/adidas CODECHAOS MyPLAYER Pack featuring adidas CODECHAOS BOA® golf shoes and custom 2K/adidas gear, including a sport performance polo, Ultimate365 pants and tour hat, designed by adidas Golf exclusively for PGA TOUR 2K2. Also are the current games going to be playable on the new version.


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      Does anyone know what the hype is about the PGA players in the game what exactly is being touted here? A new mechanic or some cartoony representation that you can play against?


      • Knickerbocker
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        According to what I have read, you can play against, but not with PGA Tour Players in the video game version (Xbox, PS4, PC). The current version (TGC 19) included PGA Tour courses and assets in the game, but those did not come over in the sim version. I would imagine the same thing would be true if this game is ported to sim. At this point, I don't think this game should/would be ported to sim based on what I have seen. The new game is more about the video game experience - new clothes, clubs, PGA tour courses (most/all are already available as user designed courses in TGC 19).

      • Solstice72
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        It's not going to be ported over to the SIM for sure. Furthermore the golf club in the future board for the simulator I think would be in Peril now that there's a different publisher and the PGA Tour is involved.

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      Continuing my quest to get us photorealistic golf course graphics

      Check out what this 3D designer did using the same 3D asset provider of trees (SpeedTree) HB uses in TGC 2019. He used UE4 as the engine but the same result can be accomplished with Unity's latest version (2019.3), too. And he also used 3D assets from Quixel for stuff other than the trees.

      Watch the video in 2160p to really enjoy the quality. And remember, this is a video of real-time rendering so this could be straight from a golf game on a current PC. Or the upcoming consoles.



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        That is not your typical specially coded demo. It’s a real-time flyover in a 3D environment created with a normal game engine, utilizing ray tracing as the lighting model. You could easily lessen the pessimism by checking how that stuff is done

        It’s no different from how people design courses in TGC 2019 (which have flyover functionality out-of-the-box), only differences are the lighting model (ray tracing) and more photorealistic assets such as the trees.

      • Jwheels9876
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        This game will be using the same engine for years.. maybe someone will come out of nowhere and give us what you're hoping for but it's such a niche market I doubt it's worth the effort

      • kahi
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        The engine is not a problem, why:

        - Unity's latest version has ray tracing and Microsoft DXR support. Game developers working on Unity can upgrade the engine version, bring in their earlier project(s), turn on ray tracing and upgrade the 3D assets. It's not like HB is stuck with the Unity version they used when TGC 2019 was launched, I'm pretty sure they've already upgraded their Unity version after that.

        As an example:

        - The new consoles (PS5, XBOX X) are so powerful that 3D game developers (including the golf games) will be forced to utilize the new capabilities. I cannot imagine any game company succeeding with outdated graphics on those platforms.

        I hope I can convince you that we are truly in the middle of a graphics breakthrough! It's not a normal step with just another more powerful graphics chip, it's a paradigm shift in the way real-time 3D graphics are built.

        1. Ray tracing is sort of the holy grail of realistic dynamic lighting, it models the way light behaves in the real world. For the very first time the computation power to use it in real-time on a home PC is available (Nvidia RTX, AMD RDNA 2). And the new consoles will be using this technology from AMD. So the whole hardware market is capable of supporting ray tracing now.

        2. The triangle crunching power of those graphics hardware platforms enables using extremely detailed 3D models in a scene -> photorealistic 3D assets.

        3. In addition, the hardware platform manufacturers (Nvidia, AMD) and the game engine developers (Unreal Engine, Unity) are developing algorithms to ease the computation complexity with very clever techniques: Nvidia's DLSS 2.0, Unreal's Lumen and Nanite etc.

        I'm personally very excited (I guess it's obvious) but what really matters is how excited the game developers and the 3D designers/artists are. They have been trying to achieve photorealism in 3D games for years but until now it's only been possible in non-real-time applications like movie rendering.
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      I listened to the podcast with a senior producer from HB today. Presentation is the emphasis. He didn't say as much but I think the sonic roar of the crowds will be captured now, and that I'll miss that part for sure on the sim. I'm predicting also two more themes,. And obviously a lot more assets and trinkets for those clever designers. But graphically almost the same.


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        When PGA 2K21 drops in August (which is the next iteration of the PC/console version of TGC), it will presumably have an updated designer, which will mean you have to import TGC2019 courses into the new game. The sim version of TGC 2019 won't be able to use these new versions, so will there also be a release of TGC, say 2K21?


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          Apologies, I didn't realise this discussion was going on here (I'd never visited this particular forum) - the moderator moved it here without telling me

          All I can add is that I first paid a lifetime subscription for TGC,and then immediately decided to upgrade to TGC2019. The upgrade cost (I think) just under £400 (about $500 US). That may have been heavily discounted because I upgraded immediately when I realised the original was way out of date.