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  • Golzon

    I'm seeing very little info on the Golfzon products. I'm looking for a sim for my home. Went to PGA show and the Golfzon sim stood out for me, based on price and features.

    Unfortunately there seems to be very little intel about the sims. Big overseas (largest sim company worldwide) but new to USA, so very hard to do my due diligence, and to compare to other products.

    I'm looking at the GDR system with Vision software which runs about 27K plus another 4k install. If anyone has any info or insight, I would really appreciate it.

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    Your best advice is try contacting them, and finding out where there is a system close to you that you can try out. All the information in the world will never be more valuable than physically hitting on the system yourself. $27k is way too much money to spend on something without trying it out extensively.


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      im korean. and im enjoying golfzon in every week before meet TGC.

      if you want realistic golf sim game.. golfzon isnt good for you even GDR can read ball spin.

      Korea screen golf game center (we call screen gof) is largest in the world like PC game center.

      and Golfzon has 80% game center.

      at the begining.. 4~5 company open golf game center. and almost company wanted to make their golf game to realistic. so game was difficult like real course.

      but golfzon made it to easy. so anyone could make under par. so people wanted to go golfzon game center because if game is difficult like real.. people get stress like real course.

      so another company had to close their game center because almost people went golfzon.

      so now.. samething..

      im not good golfer in real course.. my handicap is 15.

      but i can make 6~7 under score in golfzon because their short game is too easy.

      so now i really like TGC because my every shot is better than before. and now i reduce to go to golfzon game center.

      so if you want to just play game golf like EA golf game.. buy Golfzon system.

      but if you want realistic.. buy TGC and GC2.


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        I know there is a language barrier here, but are you saying that the GDR model DOESN'T read spin?

        I'm assuming that was a translation typo...which is expected, but "can" and "can't" is a big typo.


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          Originally posted by goatbarn View Post
          I know there is a language barrier here, but are you saying that the GDR model DOESN'T read spin?

          I'm assuming that was a translation typo...which is expected, but "can" and "can't" is a big typo.
          GDR can read spin. but software isnt realistic especially short game(chip shot and putting).

          im saying about Vision software. even GDR senser is good.. Vision software isnt realistic. almost korean think it is just game.


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            Apart from the language matter, this is a very good review of a system that keeps popping up as a discussion point every once and a while and it is nice to know some of the facts about the story behind the system as well as get one persons view on its performance. Thank you!


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              I'm going to take a look at the software this weekend, luckily not too far from my house. I am a bit concerned about the video game effect thedancerjin mentions.

              I've been doing a lot of reading on this forum, and it appears that the members who seem most in-the-know are playing with a variation of GC2 (or like monitor) and the TGC software. You guys all seem pretty happy with your setups. From some of the estimates I've seen thrown around, it looks like I can get setup about 10k cheaper going your way. The Golfzon does have a cool kiosk, auto ball tee-up, and two cameras to review your swing.

              I just want to purchase a unit that I won't regret buying, at a fair price. I guess this is why it's taken me a year and a half to get even this far. Crazy how complicated this all is. Then there's the room setup.......


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                If your handy, you can have the same quality level simulator for 50% of the price.

                Including auto tee, cameras...etc.


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                  Please, explain. How handy do I need to be, and what equipment/systems do I need to get auto tee-up, cameras, etc.

                  If you can point me in the right direction, I'll gladly do the research. Are we talking TGC with GC2? How about the extras?



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                    Yes, I'll be recommending gc2 with tgc or PG until some other combination proves to be more of a deal, IMO of course.

                    The handyness comment is more towards building everything required for the sim besides buying the gc2, software, pc, projector, mat, screen and netting.

                    I'd say I have about 6500 in my sim. That is buying everything used that I could (gc2, mat, projector) and buying the PC new (I did build the pc myself from parts) and all the other materials new of course.

                    $6500 for a top end simulation experience is obviously a much better deal than getting a "turn key" type sim purchase and install for $31000.

                    My time and effort I put in to it "costs" something too, but it was worth much less than the difference between those to numbers, IMO.


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                      You can definately do it yourself cheaper and while expensive you can find the auto tee-up systems at sim retailers. Although These would not have the slope feature that Golfzon has.


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                        Oh that's right, I guess I didn't account that the auto-tee in Golfzon catches hit balls and puts them in the queue.

                        There are cheap auto-tee systems out that just take a ball from a container of balls and places it in same spot every time...something like this:

                        So you'd have to pick up a bunch of balls every so often and refill the bucket. Several forum members have one of these, as I've noticed it in their sim videos. Maybe they could elaborate.


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                          I have one because I'm stupid and have to buy everything that exists but I don't use it because it makes me feel lazy. It works as it's supposed to.

                          The Golfzon was pretty cool. The ones in Toronto had tilting platforms to match side hill lies and everything. This is all a lot stuff that is meaningless in a sim. Focus on accuracy and quality and a hitting surface. Trackman or Foresight lead the way IMO.