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Vector Pro (manual Lens) - what can i expect and what are they worth now?

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  • Vector Pro (manual Lens) - what can i expect and what are they worth now?

    So my wife and I are building a new house and there will either be space in the basement or the garage to have a hitting station. I can't afford to get into a full sim yet, but would at least like something to do over the winter to not completely lose my swing.

    I of course am pretty educated on skytrak, and wouldn't mind buying one of those, but even that is still pushing my budgets quite a bit considering i would still need to upgrade my ipad as well.

    I recently came accross a Vector Pro w/ manual lenses that i could scoop up for $300 CAD. I'm ready to pull the trigger at 1/8th the price of a skytrak. I will need to source myself a PC however as i've been apple products for many years now.

    The unit will always be used indoors in the same spot, so i figure the lens adjustment quirkiness and setup shouldn't be a huge factor if i mark out where to put the unit consistently, and have the same lighting etc.

    I am not looking for the most expensive experience, but is that price for that unit still fair for what i'm looking to get out of a LM and home hitting setup?

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    Don't want to rain on your parade but neither the manual lens or updated autolens Vector Pro is supported by the manufacturer. You may encounter problems in getting proper software and in actually getting the software to run.

    I bought a Vector Pro for considerably more money a couple of years ago. It was not worth the bother. I was only able to get it running with help from the Help Desk in the very last month that they ran this service.

    Even when running the Vector Pro was spotty at best in giving reasonable and useful results. Not worth the aggravation, and definitely not worth $300 CAD.

    Build your practice space, use a good golf net or even a portable net. That and a decent mat to hit off off are all you need. Forget about the Vector.
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