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Accusport Vector Pro (Micro Lenses) 2016 Review

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  • Accusport Vector Pro (Micro Lenses) 2016 Review

    Hello All

    In short, the Accusport Vector Pro (Micro Lenses) works and has provided a lot of useful telemetry that seems pretty accurate. I paid ES14 money for the Vecor Pro and its much more useful in my opinion. I will admit that it isn't a GC2 (frequently play with one at our local Golfsmith) but it's close enough and better than anything you could get in the 400-500 price range IMHO.

    I am using an old Alienware 9700 Laptop with an AMD processor with Windows 7 Ultimate as the OS. The instructions say to stick with Intel processors but my laptop with AMD processor works just fine; the interesting part is I found out that the Vector X's on board computer uses an AMD processor...

    Driver installation wasn't too bad though knowing my way around Window 7 sure helped out a bit...I did the driver though device manager.

    I got the range software working (well tricked it into working) as well...all you have to do is change your computer date. I have mine set to 1980....the evaluation software says I have over 11,000+ days before the trial ends... The range software is OK but man I feel sorry for anyone who paid hundreds for's not worth it in my opinion; the stock software tells you more than enough info.

    I have a Rukket SPDR net setup under my back porch (my wife is thrilled about it...sarcasm) and this setup works out pretty well during the day and well at night under my LED lighting.

    The initial setup during a session isn't too difficult, I just place the marked ball (needs a line on the ball to calculate spin) 14inches in front of the cameras and I hit the calibrate button. It snaps a picture and does some calculations and tells you its ready to go. From there setup 14in away from the unit in the specified hitting location and it will display the telemetry from your ball strike.

    I found that the Vector Pro acoustic trigger seems to work best when the VP is on the hitting surface vs sitting next next to the hitting surface.

    If you need to re-calibrate for some reason you need to restart the seems to only take a calibration once during session.

    In all...having a home range setup is sweet and well worth it.


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    I had a Vector Pro without the automatic lens. It worked just fine if you took the time to read and apply the instructions. The only thing that was kind of a PITA was you had to move the ball around, forward and backwards, depending on how fast the ball speed was with various different clubs

    If it was having a problem capturing the ball in frame it was really evident if you put up the composite picture captured along with the edge and line detection of the ball images. Any time the results looked kind of strange a look at the above images would readily show you should ignore that shots results.

    I now have a GC2 which is obviously in another league. That said, for 4 or 5 hundred a Vector Pro is really good bang for the buck. The auto lenses is really not very useful if you are using it indoors with constant lighting. For mine I adjusted about once a month usually for no good reason since the calibration images were not changed from the last time I did it. Once in awhile, from handling the unit, I might have moved the lens adjustments. This was easy to do since the lens adjustment rings are really hair trigger designs.

    One tip. Since you have to put a line on the ball or use the alignment line provided on some balls, be sure to rotate the line from hit to hit. If not you will experience constant ball cracking since you are whacking the ball in the same spot over and over. Having the line either horizontal or vertical seemed to work just fine. You can observe this in the line detection setting for the captured images.


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      I am hoping for some help. I too have a vector pro micro lens but even with my computer date changed vrange still says it cannot be evaluated. Are you using vseries 2.4.7? I do not have a hard copy so I am using the 2.4.7 downloaded from accusport.

      Any pointers would be appreciated.