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Connecting ProTee Play with the ProTee Interface

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  • Connecting ProTee Play with the ProTee Interface

    ProTee Play requires the Google Chrome or Firefox web browser
    If you do not have this installed, download Chrome:
    or Firefox:

    Make sure you have the latest version of the Protee Interface installed. Version 3.14k or higher is required.
    Download version 3.15n here:

    Configure the ProTee Golf Interface to connect with the ProTee Play platform.
    In SETTINGS select ProTee Play from the list of compatible game platforms and copy your license key into ProTee Play key field.

    Don't forget to Save your new settings and to restart the interface.

    ProTee Interface

    Open Google Chrome or Firefox web browser, load ProTee Play and visit the Pro Shop to activate your License Key.

    ProTee Play

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    How come when I try to upgrade to 3.14 when hitting install it says unable to install ? It first says it will delete 3.10 and I hit ok then it won't install the new version?


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      I had the exact same issue


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        I installed it by running the install file as Administrator (right click run as Administrator)


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          Bingo, problem solved. Download, right click, run as administrator. Thanks


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            Ok thanks for the run as admin tip. Now, where exactly do you load protee and go to the pro shop? I went on chrome browser got to proteeplay site but it's just a timer to release day. No other options.


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              A couple of questions. Where can I find my ProTee Play key and in the page I can see ProShop


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                Send me a PM if you want to join the beta. I will give you a key which you can activate in the pro shop.


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                  How exactly do you find the pro shop??


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                    Click image for larger version

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                    Click image for larger version

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                      can gc2 users try this?


                      • mthunt
                        mthunt commented
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                        You have TGC, right? It comes with the protee interface and gsx so if you have them you're good I believe

                      • richdmb
                        richdmb commented
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                        Yeah, i have tgc. Cool, i will look into more tonight. Thanks!

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                      Finally figured it out!
                      Last edited by Jwheels9876; 02-09-2018, 05:09 AM.


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                        Does this work for SkyTrak users??
                        My Courses:

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                        Shack's Window Co. Beta1 (L)
                        Quarry Golf Club V2 (L)
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                        University Ridge V1 (L)
                        Stonewall_North_gCool/B33 (L)
                        Stonewall_Old_gCool/B33 (L)
                        Green Hill G.C. V2(L)
                        The Bear Forest CC V2 (L)
                        Perkins & Friends V1 (L)
                        Bellewood CC V1(L)
                        Stonewall North Par 3 (L)
                        Stonewall Old Par 3 (L)
                        The Ranch V1 (L)
                        Shenandoah BlueRed V1 (L)


                        • ProTee United
                          ProTee United commented
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                          Yes when it's out of public beta.

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                        Originally posted by Jwheels9876 View Post
                        Still can't get this to work after numerous attempts. Have protee portal loaded with key and protee play selected. Have GSX connected and says connection with protee play established. But how do you get to protee play on chrome browser? I'm just getting the countdown clock the guy posted above.
                        I have a GC2 as well. I downloaded the ProTee interface that is needed, set it to ProTee play and ran the app in Chrome. You have to have Chrome. Within chrome, you go to a site I believe .
                        My Courses:
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                        Park CC Lidar mthunt RCR
                        Sunningdale GC Robinson L RCR
                        Sunningdale GC Thompson L RCR
                        Muirfield Village (liDAR) First Ever Lidar course
                        Country Club of Castle Pines (liDAR) RCR
                        The Sanctuary GC ProTee L RCR
                        National GC of Canada RCR
                        Mississaugua G&CC mthunt RCR
                        Shaughnessy G&CC L mthunt
                        mthunt Range Fictional
                        Markland Woods CC mthunt RCR Lidar


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                          ProTee United when i try to load proteeplay website, i get an error message, something about running the Unity content. any help??


                          • ProTee United
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                            Just replied to your PM. Let me know if that solves the problem.