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Connecting ProTee Play with the ProTee Interface

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  • Connecting ProTee Play with the ProTee Interface

    ProTee Play requires the Google Chrome or Firefox web browser
    If you do not have this installed, download Chrome:
    or Firefox:

    Make sure you have the latest version of the Protee Interface installed. Version 3.14k or higher is required.
    Download version 3.15n here:

    Configure the ProTee Golf Interface to connect with the ProTee Play platform.
    In SETTINGS select ProTee Play from the list of compatible game platforms and copy your license key into ProTee Play key field.

    Don't forget to Save your new settings and to restart the interface.

    ProTee Interface

    Open Google Chrome or Firefox web browser, load ProTee Play and visit the Pro Shop to activate your License Key.

    ProTee Play

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    This looks fun. Especially the PIXEL world. My 7 year old will love it. Is it possible to use R-Motion with this? I know when I installed TGC it also put Golf Simulator Software that is ProTee related. Is that the ProTee Interface that is required?