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Connecting PTP and Uneekor?

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  • Connecting PTP and Uneekor?

    I bought a PTP license and can start all the games but none of my shots show up in PTP. The Uneekor Pod Software shows that it’s connected with the license key also entered there. But no shots happen in PTP.

    I also tried Ignite with the PTP license entered in settings. I can see shots happening in Ignite but nothing in PTP. I’m using chrome for PTP.

    What an I missing?

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    You have to go into the task manager and scroll down until you find the protee logo and delete it. I can’t remember the name of the file but it’s the only one with the protee logo. You have to do this each time you go from playing TGC to protee play.


    • mikemcd22
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      I believe it's called "Server" (the protee file in task manager).

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    Thanks. That program wasn't running for me. But good to know for the future.

    I think I might not have chosen the right hardware when I registered my account. Does that matter? Is there a way to change it?


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      So I only see the server.exe process if I've run TGC. I get the same result whether or not the process is running or if I kill it. Rebooting doesn't help.

      PTP directs everyone here for support. How do you get actual support from Protee?


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        My issue was resolved. The new version of pod/ignite showed an error message that led me to a typo in my product key. Old version had just said it was connected successfully. Thanks for the other help. I no doubt would have run into the TGC issue next.