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Any new updates for ProTee Play upcoming?

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  • Any new updates for ProTee Play upcoming?

    I know I have asked in the past before but it really does seem like this is a dead product with no new releases coming out. Please correct me if I am wrong (and I hope I am). Just haven't seen anything new in a long time.

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    I was able to download it today and had a very quick look. I am impressed , there are multiple ranges , a combine and lots of games that I think kids would like.
    I prefer the Protee Summer Range to the Foresight Paris one, I like a range to look like a range for serious practice and hope that Foresight build a conventional range for FSX Play.
    I think Protee Play is very good value for money and if you have kids I would consider having it a no brainer.
    There is Zombie Golf, Soccer, Football ,Darts , Demolition and some others that I can't remember.
    Interesting feature is that in the menu there is a Bug reporting tool, that is very clever as people will be more likely to report a bug if it is made easy for them by having a tool such as that. Also demonstrates that they want to improve the software .
    The interfaces are slicker than the previous version and the overall look is much better in my opinion.


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      I agree. The Protee play update is very good. Great for practice and nice for the kids. It really loads fast and setup is easy. Highly suggested.


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        OMG this is amazing Bubba22 and Kmurray - can you please post some screen shots? Or, are there updated screenshots at ProTee website? I will soon have my ProTee system up and ready, and will be excited to try out the new ProTee Play for it. Is there a running Free Trial/Demo? Can't wait to check it out... exciting new about the bug tracker too... I guess I would like to see the primary bug fixed (big first bounce) which seems to bother everyone and cause people to report it over and over again... just wish it would be fixed?



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          Brettster It is not simple for me to do screenshots due too the nature of my set up, plus this is beta and I don't want to offend Protee by posting stuff that I have no idea if they are comfortable with.
          I don't know about any free trials or demos available, I bought in to the lifetime license hoping that the in development components would become available which is why I could get the download . It looks like they are fulfilling the promises they made. I think the software is really good value for money when compared to other offerings from other mfgs.
          Bug tracker idea is great ...something other mfgs should look at seriously.


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            It's a public beta. Feel free to post screenshots.


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              Originally posted by ProTee United View Post
              It's a public beta. Feel free to post screenshots.
              Is there a way to test the public beta before purchasing, or is there only a paid option? Looks exciting!


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                I really wish they can create something like top golf in protee play. My kids love to play at top golf.