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ProTee Play Review

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  • ProTee Play Review

    I purchased ProTee Play from the SkyGolf website for $149. After viewing the website at I was very interested in the product and looked for a demo but was unable to find one. So I decided to take the chance that this product would play well since I have been happy with ProTee products in the past, mainly TGC2019. It should be noted that I did a in-depth search on google to try to find some sort of review but all I came across were youtube videos from ProTee demonstrating the product. So i decided to post my own independent review from an average golfer.

    After the purchase I was able to download it without issue and received the activation code shortly afterwards. I had a few issues activating the product but was quickly able to figure out both places I needed to enter the key.

    I launched the game which plays in your browser with no issues. The screen calibration was also a breeze. I then launched the practice range "Woolen Fabric Range" to test out the software and was immediately irritated with constant loud hissing noises from the spider that walks back and forth on the screen as I was attempting to tinker with the options. Before I was able to locate the sound options I had to exit out to stop the irritating noise.

    The next range that I launched was the Lonely Dessert Range but was immediately annoyed by the constant wind noise. I thought "is there one single range that doesn't have some sort of annoying noise going on?" I was able to locate the Summer Range which was much more peaceful and I could finally look at the options.

    I was happy to see that in the options I could offset the ball on the screen and also select the option for the ball out of view. Unfortunately, that was about the end of my happiness with this software. I took a few swings on the range and as it was okay I was not impressed. I own TGC2019 and am much more happy with the range on that software. However, I did not buy this software for the range.

    The next game that I launched was Pub Darts. I was extremely disappointed with this game. After taking several swings I was frustrated in that identical swings would end up in different areas on the dart board. There was also no distance notification for how far away the dart board is. This game appears to be completely random. You cannot aim left or right other than turning your body and this is completely unacceptable for a skytrak user. I now put my skytrak unit in danger by turning and aiming to the right. There is no way that I would ever play this game again.

    I then looked at launching the American Football game, but was greeted with a "this game is unavailable" message. It appears this game is being worked on by ProTee. However, after searching the forums at I found a post from another member from August 3rd 2019 stating that the game was unavailable then also. Either this game is not being worked on and has just been forgotten or there are some serious updates going on. But from my short experience with this software I am thinking it has just been abandoned and forgotten.

    From there I moved on to the ProTee Combine which basically is a closest to the pin type game. I was provided with a marker at 55 yards and was given 5 shots to get my ball close to the pin. After the 5 shots it then moves back to 65 yards and so on up to ~135 yards. This is a copy of the original Skytrak software "closest to the pin", which in my opinion, does a much better job at it. Keep in mind that I needed the Skytrak game improvement plan to purchase and play this software. So this "game mode" is already available to everyone already.

    After hitting five balls to see how it worked I was not very impressed by the ball flight visuals or the physics. Again, TGC2019 does a much better job at providing a golf range feeling. I loaded up the Demolition Range figuring it would maybe be cool to blow something up. There were some archers that were shooting at me from a wall however they had no effect on the game. Again there was no indication of how far away the wall was from the hitting location. I had to swing a few times to figure out how far to hit the ball. This was frustrating and made the game not fun. After some shots I became bored and started to realize that I might have just wasted $149 on this software.

    The last game that I loaded was zombie golf. Again, it is hard to tell how far away the zombies are. The zombies keep advancing towards the screen and if not "hit" they will take a bite out of you. There are various modes such as take down as many zombies as you can in a time limit or stay alive... however neither of these modes were much fun. It was too hard to change your aim and then put another ball down to quickly hit another shot. The game just felt very cheap.

    I realized that none of these "mini games" actually play like I thought they would and this feels like an unfinished product. My vision was to have some sort of Top Golf experience that I could play with friends. I am extremely disappointed in this software and feel ripped off. I contacted SkyGolf with whom I had to purchase through and they told me that there are no refunds available. I then emailed ProTee and never received a response for a refund or for product support to maybe say they are still currently working on the development and to be patient for a future release.

    None the less I have decided to post my review of the ProTee Play software so that others can hear my opinion before having to drop $150 on this software. I think this could be alleviated by offering a demo of the software and let the user decide if it is worth it to them to purchase the full product. I expected more from the company that released the really good sim of TGC2019.

    I tried out Golfisimo (Demo) by Creative Golf and I enjoyed it but thought ProTee Play would be superior due to me enjoying TGC2019. I actually debated in purchasing the lifetime package so I would not have to pay yearly fees but man am I glad I didn't. My end thoughts would be to stay away from this product unless an update is released that greatly improves this game.

    Did you have a different opinion of the software? I'd be curious to see some other reviews as I can't believe I am the only one that feels this way towards the software... but maybe I'm in the minority?

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    I've had Protee Play since last Christmas and agree with most of your review. I didn't have any issues with the range and have enjoyed the combine (I've got a GC2 with FR1, which doesn't have anything like it). The combine isn't perfect and its not entirely clear how the points are calculated (they wouldn't share the formula, but it was some combination of how close you are to the carry number, far offline that adjusts based on how long the shot it) and there isn't any way to track your progress. I provided similar feedback with regards to the other games to Protee earlier this year and they said they were working on completely revamping it, I think it was late spring/early summer they said it got delayed due to covid, but were still working on it and in response to an email I sent them a couple weeks ago, they said they were still working on it, but there was no ETA on when it would be completed. Somewhere there was some discussions about a Topgolf type game, I think it was called Bottom Golf, but Protee wouldn't confirm that it was part of the update when I asked. They did post some pictures on another thread earlier this spring/summer, which looked nice...In general, it appears that Protee does a pretty good job taking care of their customers, so I'm still holding out hope that they're going to improve ProTee play...


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      Thanks for sharing your experience!
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        Please note this review is for the older version

        Here you can see the new revamped version:


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          I think you should offer a demo then. It would at least let someone form their own opinions before dumping $150 for something they may not enjoy or find fun. I'm still a little burnt that there was no way to receive a refund myself. Hopefully you guys addressed that.


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            Originally posted by ProTee Max View Post
            Please note this review is for the older version

            Here you can see the new revamped version:
            is there a demo or beta version to try out ? Looks like something the kids would enjoy