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Rmotion sensor dead

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  • Rmotion sensor dead

    My sensor wouldn't work today when I tried it. Can't get any lights to come on whether I was trying to connect or charging. Wondering if anyone else had this problem and possible solution? In the meantime, I opened a ticket with Rmotion support and am waiting on a response. They've had fabulous support with me so far so I expect to hear from them soon.

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    Could you solve this issue?


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      Couldn't solve it. They're sending me a replacement.


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        I am going through the same issue right now, except that when plugged into the charging cable it will charge and connect via the R-Motion app. However, when taken off of the cable the sensor will NOT turn on and ultimately loses its connection with the R-Motion app. Rapsodo can you shed any light on correction actions or a way forward on this issue?



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          Hello. Could you pls reach out to support We will help you out quickly.


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            Received my replacement sensor today and it's working great. Thank Rapsodo for the great service. You guys have been outstanding with me.


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              Originally posted by Jb50 View Post
              Received my replacement sensor today and it's working great. Thank Rapsodo for the great service. You guys have been outstanding with me.
              That's good news.
              just for we other users to don't worry, is this failure something rare?


              • Jb50
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                I believe this failure is rare. I sent the old unit back so they can take a look at it. One thing I noticed, and sent an email to rapsodo about, is the new unit fits much better in the charger. It slides easily in and out as opposed to the previous sensor which was very tight and pretty difficult to get in and out of the charger. It may have been it just wasn't getting a good connection to charge. This is my 3rd unit. The first was working great but the cover popped open. It still worked but they offered to exchange it for me and have since fixed the cover issue.

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              I hope this great customer support is still in effect come the winter months when I really start using mine. I believe I was in the group of initial users so I expect some of the same wear issues once I start regularly using this thing.


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                I've used the customer support at least 3x's so far. Each time they've gotten back with me same day with a support ticket. Then the next day an email with a plan going forward. This last time I emailed back and forth with support trying different suggestions before it was decided to replace it. All in all it took about 10 days from the onset of the problem until I had a new one in my hand.


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                  I echo Jb50 with nothing but great customer service. If you are patient while the initial kinks are still being worked, you will be satisfied with the setup.