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Full TGC license for sale ???

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  • Full TGC license for sale ???

    I’ve upgraded to Skytrak and wondering If its possible to sell my R-motion full TGC license. I still want to keep the hardware to integration with ST.

    Anyone Done this? I cant find any posts or discussions on it.

    please advice.

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    I might be mistaken but can't you use the same license wit your Skytrak ???


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      I dont think so. But that would Have been the way to go for sure. TGC for ST is around $749 while TGC for R-motion is $499. And sold by different companies.

      Anyone who did the upgrade and want to chime in?


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        You have to purchase TGC directly from skytrak.


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          wbond is correct.

          looked it up and it is possible to transfer the R-Motion TGC license to another R-motion user. Its a transfer fee But I’ll cover that cost. Rapsodo needs to confirm the user and Protee Will manage the TGC transfer.

          Therefore my FULL TGC license is for sale. PM me for info and interest. This is the $499 upgrade for R-motion with full access to all TGC courses, course creator etc. as Well as free upgrade to TGC 2019.
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            Have you sold your license?


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              Wondering if this license is still available, as well??