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A very low budget build with E6 & Tittle X

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  • A very low budget build with E6 & Tittle X

    This is my first post here after several years lurking and reading information, I felt a need to contribute back to the forum my first time experiences in the golf simulator market.

    I finally started building a simulator after many years looking and wishing I had space to swing a club in winter, the opportunity finally presented itself to get the space required for an indoor setup. I live in Ireland and while we can golf all year, the months November to March can be a drudge, plugged balls in wet ground or delayed starts due to frost. This year I built a shed/warehouse for my micro business and I kept one bay for golfing activities. Loads of headroom at 16ft, I just wanted to swing a club and get some feedback. Being an 18 HC - I don't need pinpoint accuracy just to know would the ball draw or fade (hook or slice if I'm unfair).
    I started to research all the possibilities and after 2 months I was more confused than day 1, spend big and have a professional setup for lifetime or go with a "testing" setup to see if a simulator would be of use for me..... Then I found out due to Covid there was a waiting list for Mevo Plus and Skytrack so now the middle ground was out of reach. I tried to order up Optishot but it took some time to get a quote, in the meantime I found out about TittleX, I was captivated by the value it offered, low entry cost, flexible simulator package with E6, range use through Android App and immediate availability.
    I should mention I was one of the first to try out Swingbyte ...guess it was 2010 or 2011, the technology caught me immediately, lots of stats for an engineer to review. The device itself was fine but bulky and hard to keep aligned to the club face. They promised that a simulator interface would be developed but maybe the technology wasn't available but a simulator never happened on Swingbyte.
    So I opted to order up a Tittle X with swing stick, just an impulse buy in some respects but I was curious to see how shaft reader device technology had developed. 3 day delivery Korea to Ireland, $55 delivery seemed steep but I had no duty or VAT, not sure it that is covered somehow but happy days my package sailed through customs. The packaging is beautiful, the normal high density foam inset for carriage and storage. a few quick start instructions, downloaded E6 software, registered the device and off we go, set up time was about 20 minutes including download time. This TittleX device is tiny compared to swingbyte, thanks to Korean miniaturization the device is so small it does not impact much on shaft weight and more importantly it is less likely to fly off the shaft than a swingbyte was. The clips supplied are very firm but you need to push the feathered edge of the holder up underneath the grip, might not be obvious but I noticed that method on the swing stick.
    I had ordered extra holders for my clubs but I started swinging the swing stick immediately in my living room, first impressions were very good. I knew my swing and shot shape from swingbyte and training sessions on trackman, Tittle X was concurring, in to out swing, slightly close face, giving a draw shot, clubhead speed 90 - 95 mph giving 190 carry and 30 yards runout. That is in line with my normal best shot, so far so good.
    I had planned to build a simulator bay, I found an Irish company selling white tarpaulin, it turned out to be very shiny and not suited for a projector, so I bought a super king white cotton bedsheet and hung it in front of the tarp. Perfect for the projector - which by the way was from Amazon, details below.
    I ran E6 software on my mini laptop, an F5 from Teclast, very underpowered compared to the i5 specified in the TittleX recommended setup but on 1080p setting it was fine, no glitching. On 4K there was a noticeable shudder so I reverted to 1080P. The F5 has the advantage of touchscreen input which is fantastic for changing clubs and shot line-up etc.. When swinging the swing stick it’s possible to simulate a slice or hook, not as bad as some of the slices or hooks I can hit but there is a noticeable shot shape happening when I leave the club open or close it down. My kids 11, 10 , 8 year olds are also avid golfers and their swings and distances are noticeably accurate 40 - 100 yards. Can't wait until those boring days after Christmas where we go to the shed for a game of golf.

    Back to the setup, I have a white screen, a projector, a simulator package and a TittleX input device. It's that simple. I wouldn't even need the screen or projector except that want to swing real clubs and have mates around for beer and golf.
    I am going to detail the costs and where I will spend next to improve the experience. But what I have now is still very usable and enjoyable.
    1. Screen - Tarpaulin €31 & Sheet €11 This is fine as a trail but needs investment first - Estimate the spend here to have a good screen is about €400, I would recommend that you just buy a screen if you want to hit real golf balls indoors. I don’t regret going my direction and it’s fine for almost golf balls but real golf balls would need a proper screen.
    2 Projector €77 at time of purchase - possibly the screen is not helping but the image quality is poor in the outer 10% of the image where things like club selection are displayed. I am projection to 3M x 2M, projector in next thing to get investment.
    3 TittleX E6 I am including both here as they came as a package, both are phenomenal value, $120 per year for E6 95 course package and $230 for TittleX, I wouldn't be in any rush to change these, maybe Mevo Plus in the future but I’d need some convincing.
    Total about €440 ($500) excluding the laptop, I would recommend a touchscreen laptop using i5 processor, the Teclast F5 is fine just because I already had it for 18 months.

    The range feature is great on E6 where I can hit 20 or 30 shots at the screen (using almost golf balls) trying out different swing shapes or speed, hopefully I can find that magic setup and swing. Worth noting that swinging a real club gives results that somewhat differ to the swing stick, the real club tend to be more erratic in shot shape and less distance. I would guess unfortunately that the real golf club data is very close to reality compared to the swing stick.
    Apart from playing rounds with my kids and the occasional lads night of beer and golf, I can see this current setup getting a lot of use, even without any further spend but I think I have the bug now for indoor golf.
    If you have the space and laptop, go for a screen, projector, E6 and TittleX – now you can hit real golf balls, real clubs give a more accurate feedback. If you don’t have the space swing stick, E6 and TittleX will give you hours and hours of fun.
    I hope this helps a little for those trying to explore the simulator market, maybe spending a little to see if a simulator is going to work for you is a good idea, certainly a strategy worth considering in my opinion.

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    A 760 might load the game but you would not like the experience. You would probably be watching a slideshow on screen.


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      Originally posted by SimmerDown View Post
      I see the tittle x E6 connect says you will need a GTX 1070 graphics card. Does anyone know if it would be playable at 1080p on a GTX 760?
      Hi Simmer down,

      I am using a 2 year old Teclast F5, N4100 Intel chip 8GB RAM and onboard UDH 600 graphics card with 1 GB of memory, this is as far from the recommended spec as one would wish to be. I have E6 set at 1080 video resolution (1920x 1080) and it works smoothly, no issues really. I have tried 4K setting on E6 and it glitches a lot, probably unplayable to be honest.

      The F5 as a micro HDMI and far as I know the may throughput on micro HDMI is 1080 anyway so no point going higher for the projector. the touchscreen on F5 is fantastic for gameplay on E6, realigning shots, changing clubs is so easy with the touchscreen.

      So I can't answer your question directly but I'm fairly confident that a much lesser PC will run 1080 output and not impact to much on game experience. However a new i5 PC with mid spec video will be my first upgrade in 2021.

      Hope that helps somewhat.


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        Hi All,

        I just want to update the post with my views on this device as I believe it has changed my golf game for ever.

        Quick summary - I bought this clip on device with E6 simulator software during covid lockdown. I am a once a week player, off a handicap of 20, my driving and iron shots were fairly good but inconsistent and occasionally I would have real shocking shots, typically losing the ball with a long slice. My initial purchase was to see if I would spend time on a simulator if I invested in a radar type simulator.
        I found after a month or so with the TittleX that I was not getting consistent distance, no matter how fast I was swinging the club. I searched online and through various forums I realised that my setup was nat correct, biggest issues - hands too far forward at address, head movement in back swing and hip movement. Through March and April I worked on a new swing and I could see the changes in ball flight on the simulator.
        Then covid restrictions were relaxed and the courses opened. I didn't have a chance to go to the range to test the new swing so standing on the first tee box was interesting but I stuck with it, I started playing really well, confidence grew and sure enough a few competition wins followed. My handicap fell over the summer to 15 so a drop of 5 shots over the summer and a major win in my club.
        No doubt my bad habits started to return and I didn't have time to use Tittlex to correct the errors. But over the winter I will reset the swing with some practice.

        I can't praise or recommend this device enough, given the small investment it's an easy decision in my mind.

        Here is the link to the manufacturer,

        And the graph of my HC, so delighted to get below 18...

        Click image for larger version

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          I just got the Tittle X,now known as the SLX MicroSim. It recently got some partners in the US and so I figured I'd give it a go. I went live on FB with it and actually really love the results. I went ahead and signed up for the $9.99 a month subscription with E6 Connect to get the 40 courses and mini games. While I like the versatility of the swing stick I love it on my actual clubs. It took me a little bit to figure out the settings and get it up and running but after I did I have no complaints. I found that in order to match my actual real life distances I needed to boost the woods +5%. No boost on the irons. The distances are spot on with my real life numbers. Swing path is pretty much my typical swing patch. All in all. I highly recommend. Anyone wants to share info on here and play a round on E6 online sometime let me know. I might setup a discord channel for it soon. Going to try and talk a few of my friends into getting it so we can all play together during the off-season.

          I did realize with the swing stick if you boost both by 10 that it is a lot closer to my real life distances. I was actually impressed with the feel and weight of it. Feels like you are swinging a real club and would be great for anyone who is looking for a sim on a budget and are limited for

          My live video can be found here. You can see me run into a few issues throughout but mostly just user error and putting it on upside down. Lol


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            Thanks for the posts everyone! This thread really helped and I decided to try out a refurbished Tittle X from SwingLogic which arrived a couple of days ago. After the first few swings on the e6 range there was definitely a smile on my face. As others have mentioned it was necessary to configure the distance adjustments and I have found that boosting the woods 10% and leaving the irons at 0 suits me well.

            I've only used the impact trainer thus far and that was my primary reason for picking this up since I don't have room indoors to swing a club. I really like the click they added and the overall build of the impact trainer feels good to me.

            My experience with it is limited but I feel like it's hard for me to slice the ball which is something I do periodically with my driver. I'm generally a pull/hook hitter, especially with my irons and I'm seeing that in the sim which is great but it doesn't seem to be reading my swing path, even when I'm trying to exaggerate a slice. My thought is that the club face may be square or even closed at impact but coming across the ball should result in a slice and it doesn't seem to be calculating that. If anyone has any suggestions that would great.

            I've played 2 rounds so far and I'm really enjoying it. The only thing that is really bothering me is the robot voice in e6 that calls out ready and the distance to the hole incessantly. I emailed SwingLogic support about disabling it but haven't heard anything. I also opened an incident with e6 and so far it sounds like there is no way in the software to disable it. I followed up asking if there would be an update to fix that but haven't heard back yet. Even if you turn down all the audio sliders in the e6 settings the voice is still there which is crazy. If anyone has figured out a way to disable this I would sure love to hear it. Right now I have the output from e6 muted in Windows which isn't a huge deal but I would really like to have the sound effects to enhance the experience.