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A very low budget build with E6 & Tittle X

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  • A very low budget build with E6 & Tittle X

    This is my first post here after several years lurking and reading information, I felt a need to contribute back to the forum my first time experiences in the golf simulator market.

    I finally started building a simulator after many years looking and wishing I had space to swing a club in winter, the opportunity finally presented itself to get the space required for an indoor setup. I live in Ireland and while we can golf all year, the months November to March can be a drudge, plugged balls in wet ground or delayed starts due to frost. This year I built a shed/warehouse for my micro business and I kept one bay for golfing activities. Loads of headroom at 16ft, I just wanted to swing a club and get some feedback. Being an 18 HC - I don't need pinpoint accuracy just to know would the ball draw or fade (hook or slice if I'm unfair).
    I started to research all the possibilities and after 2 months I was more confused than day 1, spend big and have a professional setup for lifetime or go with a "testing" setup to see if a simulator would be of use for me..... Then I found out due to Covid there was a waiting list for Mevo Plus and Skytrack so now the middle ground was out of reach. I tried to order up Optishot but it took some time to get a quote, in the meantime I found out about TittleX, I was captivated by the value it offered, low entry cost, flexible simulator package with E6, range use through Android App and immediate availability.
    I should mention I was one of the first to try out Swingbyte ...guess it was 2010 or 2011, the technology caught me immediately, lots of stats for an engineer to review. The device itself was fine but bulky and hard to keep aligned to the club face. They promised that a simulator interface would be developed but maybe the technology wasn't available but a simulator never happened on Swingbyte.
    So I opted to order up a Tittle X with swing stick, just an impulse buy in some respects but I was curious to see how shaft reader device technology had developed. 3 day delivery Korea to Ireland, $55 delivery seemed steep but I had no duty or VAT, not sure it that is covered somehow but happy days my package sailed through customs. The packaging is beautiful, the normal high density foam inset for carriage and storage. a few quick start instructions, downloaded E6 software, registered the device and off we go, set up time was about 20 minutes including download time. This TittleX device is tiny compared to swingbyte, thanks to Korean miniaturization the device is so small it does not impact much on shaft weight and more importantly it is less likely to fly off the shaft than a swingbyte was. The clips supplied are very firm but you need to push the feathered edge of the holder up underneath the grip, might not be obvious but I noticed that method on the swing stick.
    I had ordered extra holders for my clubs but I started swinging the swing stick immediately in my living room, first impressions were very good. I knew my swing and shot shape from swingbyte and training sessions on trackman, Tittle X was concurring, in to out swing, slightly close face, giving a draw shot, clubhead speed 90 - 95 mph giving 190 carry and 30 yards runout. That is in line with my normal best shot, so far so good.
    I had planned to build a simulator bay, I found an Irish company selling white tarpaulin, it turned out to be very shiny and not suited for a projector, so I bought a super king white cotton bedsheet and hung it in front of the tarp. Perfect for the projector - which by the way was from Amazon, details below.
    I ran E6 software on my mini laptop, an F5 from Teclast, very underpowered compared to the i5 specified in the TittleX recommended setup but on 1080p setting it was fine, no glitching. On 4K there was a noticeable shudder so I reverted to 1080P. The F5 has the advantage of touchscreen input which is fantastic for changing clubs and shot line-up etc.. When swinging the swing stick it’s possible to simulate a slice or hook, not as bad as some of the slices or hooks I can hit but there is a noticeable shot shape happening when I leave the club open or close it down. My kids 11, 10 , 8 year olds are also avid golfers and their swings and distances are noticeably accurate 40 - 100 yards. Can't wait until those boring days after Christmas where we go to the shed for a game of golf.

    Back to the setup, I have a white screen, a projector, a simulator package and a TittleX input device. It's that simple. I wouldn't even need the screen or projector except that want to swing real clubs and have mates around for beer and golf.
    I am going to detail the costs and where I will spend next to improve the experience. But what I have now is still very usable and enjoyable.
    1. Screen - Tarpaulin €31 & Sheet €11 This is fine as a trail but needs investment first - Estimate the spend here to have a good screen is about €400, I would recommend that you just buy a screen if you want to hit real golf balls indoors. I don’t regret going my direction and it’s fine for almost golf balls but real golf balls would need a proper screen.
    2 Projector €77 at time of purchase - possibly the screen is not helping but the image quality is poor in the outer 10% of the image where things like club selection are displayed. I am projection to 3M x 2M, projector in next thing to get investment.
    3 TittleX E6 I am including both here as they came as a package, both are phenomenal value, $120 per year for E6 95 course package and $230 for TittleX, I wouldn't be in any rush to change these, maybe Mevo Plus in the future but I’d need some convincing.
    Total about €440 ($500) excluding the laptop, I would recommend a touchscreen laptop using i5 processor, the Teclast F5 is fine just because I already had it for 18 months.

    The range feature is great on E6 where I can hit 20 or 30 shots at the screen (using almost golf balls) trying out different swing shapes or speed, hopefully I can find that magic setup and swing. Worth noting that swinging a real club gives results that somewhat differ to the swing stick, the real club tend to be more erratic in shot shape and less distance. I would guess unfortunately that the real golf club data is very close to reality compared to the swing stick.
    Apart from playing rounds with my kids and the occasional lads night of beer and golf, I can see this current setup getting a lot of use, even without any further spend but I think I have the bug now for indoor golf.
    If you have the space and laptop, go for a screen, projector, E6 and TittleX – now you can hit real golf balls, real clubs give a more accurate feedback. If you don’t have the space swing stick, E6 and TittleX will give you hours and hours of fun.
    I hope this helps a little for those trying to explore the simulator market, maybe spending a little to see if a simulator is going to work for you is a good idea, certainly a strategy worth considering in my opinion.

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    Nice post and I can relate to much of it 👍
    I'm across the water in England, UK. With our climate as you say golf generally carries on, even if it becomes a bit rubbish away from the links - which maybe makes it trickier to justify the full sim setup. We're generally not under snow for months. Not ruling out a full setup in the future though!
    Like you I was a user of Skypro which was similar to swingbyte. It kept me sane during the spring lockdown with a net, but it packed up late summer, so I was looking for options.
    I also went for the tittle x, just the basic option though.
    I'm not sure my setup even qualifyies as a "sim" but it's definitely low budget! I have a kind of wooden gazebo in the garden which now has a mat in it and the net on one side. There's power and lighting, so I pop out with the PC and monitor and I hit foam balls.
    I was initially just after using the (E6) range, and really like it. Since we've gone into lockdown 2.0 here I have been playing the basic courses more, but haven't upgraded yet.
    On the budget theme I have messed about with a DIY liveview pro option also. Passes the time!
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      Adding an image of my setup, this evening I hit a 100 or so balls with the driver on the E6 range, then 30 or so with the 7 iron. Very realistic numbers and great fun. Even if TittleX is not 100% accurate the act of swinging the club, trying to change the face angle at impact, thinking of the swing should improve and add flexibility to my swing over the winter.

      I then played a round at Valdarama, tight course, changing the TittleX between clubs is a bit cumbersome, so I reverted to using the swingstick for the round, as mentioned the numbers are not as real with the swingstick but the speed of playing the round greatly increases.

      Anyway, I am very happy with my setup, getting the lads around for a game is next thing....

      BubbaP - if you are hitting foam balls, with the Tittlex and E6 then you are already getting all the info available, the projected display is all that is missing which is just a different visual. Bang for buck there is nothing in the market that can beat this in my opinion.

      Click image for larger version

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        Yes, happy with using foam balls for now, can't see any advantage moving to real balls.
        Your projected display does look good, but with my current non-permanent setup probably isn't worth it for me.

        Do you feel the course package was a good deal, and did you buy that electronically or was it an over the phone job? Ta.


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          Originally posted by BubbaP View Post

          Do you feel the course package was a good deal, and did you buy that electronically or was it an over the phone job? Ta.
          95 course deal is great, for $120 it can't be beat.

          I sent and email to as this address was on on of the other threads here. It was one of these transactions where they email the autorisations and you email it back to them, very unusual for us Europeans I thing to send credit card details by email.... I used a Revolut disposable debit card as it's a one time transaction.... But the transaction went very smooth.

          I should have mentioned earlier a big thanks to Chuck as it was his feedback that convinced me to go the TittleX route with E6.


          • Vikesguy
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            Editing a comment
            Where do you go to get the 95 course deal for $120? I'm not finding that deal on their website.

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          Just an update on progress with TittleX.

          I changed my grip to neutral and experimented with different swings, but I can't get away from the in to out swing path, my swing plane is too shallow, so 90% of tee shots go straight right despite the face being closed. Not a fade or slice just straight right so I can compensate on the course by aiming a few degrees left. I will try to groove a steeper swing plane in the future, I am referencing this website for my analysis

          Anyway after a few games on E6 and a few hundred drives on the E6 range I was all set for golf this weekend, first after Corona lockdown. I was concerned that real ball flight would not match the simulator so I went to the range at my club late Friday and hit 20 balls..... sure enough straight right. the android app for use with the TittleX at the range is fantastic.
          Saturday morning I played 9 holes and needless to say, staying committed to the new swing and grip is tough, it took 4 holes get motoring well. 4 stableford points after 4 holes I was worried but then I got going with 3 pars, a birdie and 1 bogey on the way home. so 19 points for 9 holes....I'll take that all day long.

          My advise to anyone considering a simulator for golf ..... go for it.
          Anyone considering the TittleX .... I can't recommend it enough, it really will change your game. The total package TittleX with E6 is so affordable, enjoyable and good value it's hard to pass up.

          I'll update again in a few weeks.


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            I'm the opposite, striving to neutralise an out-to-in.
            To add to the post lockdown stories, after 4 weeks of tittle based practice only, on my first day back on the golf course, with my first full iron swing, I had a hole in one! 🙂🙂👍 First one ever.


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              Originally posted by BubbaP View Post
              I'm the opposite, striving to neutralise an out-to-in.
              To add to the post lockdown stories, after 4 weeks of tittle based practice only, on my first day back on the golf course, with my first full iron swing, I had a hole in one! 🙂🙂👍 First one ever.
              OMG what a result..... A hole in one, hope you were in a formal competition.... Over here the GUI give you a €150 prize for a hole in one, it was €260 once upon a time so you could shoot the bar


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                Hi Monaghanman,

                I am thinking of going down a similar route. I currently have a net set up in the garage and use a VoiceCaddy Sc200 launch monitor and a zepp swing analyser to practice during lockdown - its working out pretty well but i really want some visual feedback particularly as i tend to have some very wild drives and I am starting to pull my irons.

                Distance i am not too bothered about as the launch monitor is pretty accurate but would love to get some accurate information on ball direction and essentially if i am slicing!

                How do you find the tittle x for ball flight?
                How well does it work with real golf balls?
                I will be using it with golf clubs mainly- is it worth getting the swing stick in this case or just the tittle itself (saving $80)?
                How is it for drivers with high swing spped (100mph+)?
                How is it for wedges?



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                  Originally posted by Monaghanman View Post

                  OMG what a result..... A hole in one, hope you were in a formal competition.... Over here the GUI give you a €150 prize for a hole in one, it was €260 once upon a time so you could shoot the bar
                  Thanks. No such luck, had just rushed out for 9 holes now the course was open again. Was a decent strike though 👍


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                    Hi Xdazz,
                    I'll try to answer your questions.

                    How do you find the tittle x for ball flight? My shots tend to be straight right which tittlex picks up really accurately. My real life range shots match the tittlex feedback to the android mobile app which is identical to the pc software information. I did try a few of my really open club face shots that would slice hard right, on the simulator they sliced but not as bad as the real life ball.

                    How well does it work with real golf balls? I use foam ball in the simulator only because of my screen, had I a pro screen I'd use real balls I suppose. But I must say the foam balls are fine. At the range I am using real golf balls and tittlex works well there with the android app.

                    I will be using it with golf clubs mainly- is it worth getting the swing stick in this case or just the tittle itself (saving $80)? I wouldn't bother with the swing stick, it's a bit of a luxury and unnecessary. When my mates come around for a game on e6 we use a 7 iron with tittlex attached for all the swings - driver to iron just so we are not swapping over the tittlex device.whrn we go to the virtual E6 range then we use the driver with tittlex for a batch of drives then swap to other clubs for batched of those shots.

                    How is it for drivers with high swing spped (100mph+)? My swing speed is 90-95 mph, j get 210 carry and 20 to 30 yards roll out so that is accurate. I do try get over 100 mph and the drive length increases to 260 total but I loose accuracy. When playing bethpage black or Firestone on e6 against your buddies you can't be wild or your gonna lose.

                    How is it for wedges? Wedges 100 yards in to 30 yards are realistic. Bunker shots are realistic but you are working from the ideal lie as far as I can see, there doesn't appear to be a lie tight to the bunker lip, leaving the club open and more vertical shaft at impact definitely give more spin on the green. If you land in heavy cabbage then expect a serious loss in distance. Greenside shots from fairway or rough are very different for me, in real life I punch a 9 or 7 iron and roll the ball towards the hole in e6 it always gives you a sand wedge which is probably the right way a pro would do it but it's uncomfortable for me. Changing to a 9 iron can result in chunky shots in I persevere withe the SW and chip on with high loft. Not sure if I'll take this to the real life course

                    Hope I answered all the questions ok. Bear in mind I typically use the tittlex with E6 range for 50 or 60 practice shots then play s game on an e6 my experiences are a mix of e6 range work, e6 course play and a trip to a real life range with tittlex and Android app.


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                      Great stuff Monaghanman!

                      I see that Tittle are offering free international shipping for the next two weeks ... seems a no brainer for a $120!

                      In regards to real golf clubs, they seem to offer a multiclip and bands or individual cradles - what are the best options to use for real clubs? If its the individual fixed cradles, would you recommend buying multiple?


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                        Ah that's typical, I hadn't gone on the tittlex website since I bought it..... $120 free shipping it's an absolute steal. Delivery was about 4 days for me so plenty of time if you're getting as a Christmas present.

                        I don't know about the clips, I got an extra set of clips but really I just use the hard plastic clip that slides up under the driver grip and it stays there even when I'm playing on the course with no tittlex attached. There is another clip with a rubber band on it that I attached to the putter but thinking of it now maybe it's to allow easy transfer from one club to another without taking the tittlex out of the craddle..... Interesting.


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                          I'd recommend extra clips if using your clubs. I think the strap type are better on graphite shafts, and the regular ones on steel.

                          I think you do have to be realistic with expectations. The device isn't so different from your zepp and is calculating from there. It doesn't know your exact club lengths or lofts. But as said, I can make poor or deliberately unusual types of swings and generally see the result I'd be expecting. I think there is enough there to work with, in that you'll likely see a familiar shot type and you can move the needle to adjust it.


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                            I see the tittle x E6 connect says you will need a GTX 1070 graphics card. Does anyone know if it would be playable at 1080p on a GTX 760?