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R motion Sensor stopped working :( right after I upgraded to TGC

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  • R motion Sensor stopped working :( right after I upgraded to TGC

    So I am at a loss. I have had the r motion for 2 years now and has worked flawless. Now today, it stopped working. The sensor lights up when plugged in but stops lighting up when I remove it from the charger. I am at a loss now that I upgraded to TGC full license. Does anyone have any tips to get it to work? I have sent an email to R motion support but haven't heard anything back yet.

    Thanks guys

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    Give them a day or so. maybe they will replace. I received a replacement charger cable from them last month. I suppose you tried tapping it and checking that the usb thingy is sitting in computer ok? Try another usb port?


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      Tapping it should turn it on. Do you get all 4 green check marks when loading up the R-Motion software? Here is how I boot everything.

      I first open Protee Golf Sim interface which starts its server.
      i then unplug my R-Motion from dongle and tap it to wake it up.
      I then replug it in and Then open the R-Motion interface.
      I then get all 4 green check boxes and launch game from there.