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Not able to re-install TGC with R-motion

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  • Not able to re-install TGC with R-motion

    Recently I had to reformat my hard drive. So I had to re-install R-motion and TGC. It gets stuck at the starting screen on r-motion asking if I want to start a trial. The problem is that the R-motion servers do not exist anymore, so it cannot connect to the server and see that I have a full account. Working with R-motion now on a fix to get through but it is not looking very good.

    From promising us (and me in an email) that we would get a free upgrade to 2019, to not being able to even play the original TGC is very upsetting.

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    This kind of thing is precisely why I don't want a system that phones home or is subscription-based. Too many video games with digital copyright protection have been rendered unplayable over the last 20 years as support for them vanishes.

    Hopefully you get this sorted out.


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      Since R-motion is no longer available, what about changing this group to Club Attached Devices? Include PhiGolf, Tittle, and R-motion?