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TGC instructions/manual plus Q&A

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  • TGC instructions/manual plus Q&A

    Keyboard and mouse mapping:


    Main Menu:
    - In the main menus, you can generally left-click on an icon (such as a B-button or a Y-button) to inact that function.
    - Esc acts as a back button.
    - Enter acts as the A-button, or Advance/Access

    Customizing Your Golfer:
    - When the Select Rules and Players screen appears, left-click on the Edit Player icon just below the displayed players to enter the customization page.
    - Left-click on any of the icons on the screen to select and change them, including Change Golfer, Change to Left-Handed, or the various items of clothes.
    - Left-click on the Back (B) button to save your choices and return to the Select Rules and Players screen.

    Course Browser:
    -Left-click on the LT or RT icons to change the Sort By criteria
    -Left-click on the LB or RB icon to change the Filter criteria
    -Left-click where it read “Search Text Here” to search by course name (the less you type the better, if you misspell something it won't be found).
    -Move up and down the list of courses by moving the mouse or using the arrow keys.
    -Select a course by pressing Enter, Left-click, or Right-Click

    Course Creator:

    When creating a new course, to adjust sliders, highlight the slider you wish to adjust and use the LMB/RMB to decrease and increase values respectively.

    Main Menu:
    P - Play Menu - Play from here, play hole, play course, basically to test your hole/course
    L - Layout
    G – Terrain
    E – Appearance
    C – Create/Add
    Q - Save/Exit

    Shortcuts to Edit Menus:
    M – Ruturn to Main Menu
    T - Theme
    W - Create hole
    B - Create bunker
    N - Create green
    O - Place objects

    To move your view around the course:
    - Press and hold mouse-wheel and move mouse to rotate screen
    - Move mouse to the edges of the screen to move
    - Scroll mouse-wheel up and down to zoom in and out; remember certain options and objects only are available if you have zooomed close enough.
    -Press 'V' to switch cameras in real time, when setting up a shot. The cam will default back to your selected settings on the next shot.

    Object editing/brushes
    - Use left-click or Enter key to select brush
    - Shift/Arrow keys or Shift/WASD to rotate or resize
    - Shift + Up/Down – Increase/Decrease for example, if you place a bunker, you can increase or decrease its size. - Press Spacebar (X button) to undo.
    - Shift + Left/Right - Rotate object, rotate left, rotate right
    - Raising and Lowering terrain - Push Shift and move the mouse wheel up and down.
    - Press escape to move back a level in the menu


    To use keyboard/mouse to play, go to Settings < Controls, and change Default Controller to KB/Mouse, and reload the level. (You can continue from a previous game)

    Tee and approach shots:

    - Adjust aim with A & D, or by holding mouse right button while moving the mouse left / right.
    - Club change with Z & X.
    -Quick Select clubs by pressing the keys between ~ and = (including the numbers)
    - C to toggle mode presets. (Normal, flop, chip etc)
    - Adjust stance (change loft and fade/draw) by holding left shift while doing the above (Keyboard WASD, or holding mouse right button while moving mouse) -- No effect while putting.
    - Toggle to/from the Hole Overview Camera (B Button) by pressing E, and Q would toggle to/from the Scout Camera (Y button). While in Scout camera view, scrolling the mouse wheel up or down will zoom in or out and holding the Right Mouse Button and moving the mouse will move the camera around. 1 returns to main camera view.
    - Swing, Hold mouse left button, mouse down, and then up to a point beyond where you started. (Hold left button until swing is well under way.)
    - ESC to reach pause menu
    - Use mouse and LMB to navigate pause menu or arrow keys
    -Press 'V' to switch cameras in real time, when setting up a shot. The cam will default back to your selected settings on the next shot.


    - Move putting aiming marker with W & S, or by holding mouse right button while moving the mouse up/down.
    - As with tee and approach shots, pressing Q will give you the Scout Camera (Y Button). Pressing E will give you the Putting Camera (B Button). While in the Putting Camera view you can move the camera around (including above the golfer) by holding down the Right Mouse Button and moving the mouse. When you release the RMB, the camera will stay where it is. You may then swing using the traditional swing mechanic of holding the LMB and pulling the mouse back and forward. To return to the regular camera view, either press 2 again, or press the 1 button.
    - ESC to reach pause menu
    - Use mouse and LMB to navigate pause menu or arrow keys
    -Press 'V' to switch cameras in real time, when setting up a shot. The cam will default back to your selected settings on the next shot.

    Taking Screenshots:

    There is a screenshot tool in the game that was designed for our use only, but was accidentally left in on our first beta release. People liked it so we have left it there. Someday we will tidy it up, but as it was never initially intended for public use, it is sort of an 'as-is' thing for now. That being said, it can take some beautiful shots.

    F12 should open the screenshot tool to take images of your course (we know this is the default Steam screenshot button, so you will have to remap in Steam or you will take a screenshot every time you open the tool). This tool allows you to tailor focal length, blur, etc. Pressing Enter (A button) will take the shot (if you use your Steam screnshot key the image will contain the tool's overlay). If you take the picture with the Enter key (or A button on the controller) the image will be saved to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\TheGolfClub and will ignore the tool overlay. There is no audible sound to let you know the shot was taken.

    To exit the screenshot tool press Esc twice, then press F12 again.

    Putting camera preset explained.

    Originally posted by HB_AdamF
    The preset that you choose for your putting camera only shows when you use the actual putting camera, which is available to you while on the green, and is accessible by pressing "E" on your keyboard. Once you press "E" for the putting camera, the first angle to appear is your preset, you can then press "V" on keyboard to cycle through the available putting cameras (1-5). Sounds to me like you are just pressing "V" from the main camera view while on the green, which will cycle through the 4 main cameras.

    Here is another explanation:

    When you set the MAIN camera, it is the camera angle that shows when you are playing without using the "approach" or "putting" camera options, which are found by pressing "E" depending where your ball is (otherwise this key is for Hole Overview). If you are on the green, pressing "E" will take you into the putting cameras (first angle shown is your preset), and pressing "V" from here will switch you through the putting cameras. If you are within 40 yards of the hole, pressing "E" will take you to the approach cameras (first shown is your preset) , and "V" from here will switch between the approach cameras.

    Hope that helps! Let me know if its not clear!
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    Q and E keys explained.

    = Scout Camera - Move camera to where the ball is supposed to land

    The distance the scout camera travels will depend on the club selected. For example, your approach requires an 8 iron and you press the Q key to zoom in on the green. If the zoom stops too close the green where you can't the surrounding area, just lower the choice by 1 or 2 and zoom in again with the Q key. You should now have a better view of the green. Also, once the zoom stops, you can press "V" to get a different view of the green. You can do the same thing on shorter approach shots.

    E = chipping/putting cameras

    If you are within 40 yards of the hole, pressing "E" will take you to an approach camera, and "V" from here will cycle through all approach cameras. These cameras will give you various views of the green or surrounding area. The little white dot is your ball. This is good for seeing the breaks from different angles.


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      3D walk around in TGC!

      Yes, it's there. Only available after pressing Q. Then hold down the left mouse button and move the mouse to walk/float around. Right mouse button will allow fast panning left or right and tilting the terrain up and down. Press Q to get back to last position. Or better yet, you can also use the WASD keys to move around after pressing Q.

      I tried it on my remote control mini keyboard and it works pretty good. After testing, we can request this function to be remapped to the keyboard arrow keys.
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        Very cool!


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          this is killing me not being able to use this right now. I hope Dennis can find a solution to my issue.
          GC2 Eastern Time Zone, USA


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            Hang in there Bubs. Protee will get it sorted. Any idea the problem?


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              It works when he gave me the third different license.
              GC2 Eastern Time Zone, USA


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                Added keyboard and mouse mapping to first post.


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                  I finally got some time to play with the TGC simulator beta a bit last night. I didn't have time to download 1.8 so my comments are based on 1.7. At first glance I anticipate gameplay with my live playing partners is going to be drastically lower than our current Red Chain interface. Mostly because most items require keyboard based input. I note the following general observations and questions that I jotted down while playing:

                  1. When scouting with Q button, is the only way to get back to your shot by pressing the Q button again? Be nice if a left click, space bar, escape or even enter would work. There are golfers who can barely type and will search the keyboard mercilessly for the Q button.

                  2. Why would the putting aim stick not stay in view when doing the Q view? Seems this should be obvious. I'm having a hell of time lining up putts.

                  3. The green speeds seem ridiculous. Do we need to adjust things like our putting ball speed increase factor to slow them down or is there another way?

                  4. Its very hard to see the cup when in putting and the location of the cup in the graphics is so low that body shadow from projector is completely covering it. Makes putting not as fun as Red Chain.

                  5. It would be nice if the putting camera followed the ball to the hole.

                  6. When putting, why are there two measurements on the screen? One appears to be distance to the pin and elevation change but what is the other one?

                  7. I'm not seeing where we set gimmies. Is this possible?

                  8. When playing a hole greater than a par 3, the Q scout only goes to the location of aiming circle. I like scouting whole hole. Is there a simple way to do this without all the right click, left click, middle button business?

                  9. Is there no way to have mulligans?

                  10. Is the aim circle always at the limit of the club distance? For example I wanted to pitch out sideways to a fairway as I was behind a tree. I had no way of knowing how far I needed to pitch it nor get a good view of my landing spot as mentioned the Q view took me to the aim circle. This is one of those items that I can see really affecting speed of game play as players will want to zoom around and see such things.

                  11. I have touch screen as part of my system. It appears that items like changing clubs, doing views or even aiming do not have touch screen support. Is this going to remain as such?

                  12. Rough penalties. Say no more. They make no sense.

                  The above were based on playing 4 holes of Pebble Beach (its was a much as my patience would muster)


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                    Hi everybody! I've just downloaded TGC and trying to play with Protee system. I don't understand how to change name of the player in TGC. When I try to play match with my friend and add new player for this round, I can not write his name and must play with duplicate of my current name + (guest). For instance - SPAS and SPAS (guest). Also I can not find the option to choose metric system instead of yards. Please help me to fix it. One more issue - it's a peaty that I can not use my touch screen as it was in Protee play. Does anybody know about plans to improve the gameplay of TGC and to add the ability of using touch screen?


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                      So far for guests I think that is how it is. If you have 3 guys it will show similar but have guest 3 and 4 if all 4 play. Also because you will not see the look of the player it is harder to tell who is up. You just have to make sure you watch the names and see which has the box thing beside in order to see who is up.
                      This is still Beta stage but at least guys can play while they work out the bugs and with more playing we will get more ideas on what needs to be changed. I'm sure there will be many more updates.
                      Sorry can't help on the other questions.
                      Mountain Time


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                        Spas post these requests in the TGC features request thread.


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                          I tried to putt from fringe, i change my club from PW to Putter, i putt from my Protee putting sensors and nothing happens, Is there a way to use the putter from outside the green ?


                          • pgpgpg
                            pgpgpg commented
                            Editing a comment
                            I played the 9 nines holes of World Tour Par 3 course and my putting was ok except on this hole on the fringe, after i chip the ball on green i was able to putt from the putting sensors. I will try again this weekend and see what happens.

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                          Originally posted by pgpgpg View Post
                          I tried to putt from fringe, i change my club from PW to Putter, i putt from my Protee putting sensors and nothing happens, Is there a way to use the putter from outside the green ?
                          That should have worked. Some other issue was causing that. Try restarting the interface.


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                            I have been asked by several members how to access courses you are designing on your PC. It is really quite simple:

                            First you will need to make sure you can see hidden files. Just type "hidden files" in your search bar. Click on the View tab and select the radio button "show hidden files".

                            Go To .....c:\Users\your user name\Appdata\Locallow\HB Studios\Thegolfclub\courses. Just sort by date , the most recent will be the course you opened last something like xyz1243.course .

                            You can play your courses on the sim in the designer without Publishing them (options are ....Play from here, Play Hole or Play Course) . Unfortunately there is an Avatar in the view when playing in the designer that does not function with your swing.... no big deal.

                            Once you publish a course it will no longer show up on your PC. You can reopen a copy in the designer however, just go to "published courses" select your course and click, this will create a new file of the same course.
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