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Do You Get The Slow Internet Connection Symbol ?????

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  • Do You Get The Slow Internet Connection Symbol ?????

    Not sure what it called so I'll try and explain it.

    Lower right hand corner of the screen. White symbol with arcs. Goes from 1 to 3 arcs. I think it means I'm connected but my connection is running slow. I have tried two connections. One is a router at 6 Gig (yes I live in the country). The other is a hot spot on my phone at 29 Gig (that country thing again). Both get me the slow symbol.

    Last two tournaments I've played it will work for 7 or 8 holes then the lag starts at about 2 minutes between shots. After a few of these the game freezes.

    I don't remember getting this symbol in the past with the same connections and I sure didn't have the lag.

    Any Help ???????

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    I spent some time yesterday reviewing my recent connection/performance issues with a high-level network engineer. I was struggling to understand why the VPN seems to correct the issues when in reality, it chokes my internet connection from 400/400 to like 20/20 (I think I can pay for more but it works at these speeds). This led me to believe it is not the ProTee infrastructure otherwise it should work either way. The engineer I spoke to was also confused at first but through deeper conversation and explaining all the things I went through (including a great conversation with my ISP who said they are not blocking or limiting me in any way), he believes it is most likely that the traffic we generate to run TGC 2019 is being identified somewhere on the www as peer to peer streaming. This type of traffic is likely to get blocked/downgraded etc as most providers do not want to sign up for delivery of this type of high-end data traffic (you probably agreed in your ISP agreement to NOT do this). The VPN basically "hides" the data traffic thus preventing it from getting identified as P2P and being downgraded/blocked by whoever may be doing it. It very well may not be your ISP but anywhere in the www ecosystem that directs and routes your internet traffic. I suspect Xbox (Microsoft), PS (Sony) likely have the right political clout to ensure their data/traffic does not get done this way or their engineering is smart enough to know how to avoid it. I am not 100% certain on all of this but thought I would explain what I learned and share thoughts and ideas. Not sure it is fair to just beat up on ProTee if it is a traffic identification issue but then again, larger corporations have figured it out (or they just build in the VPN on their platform?).


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      Played 2 society rounds last night with no VPN and worked perfectly. Anything change @protee?


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        I'm still having this problem 9 of of 10 times I play with or without the VPN, I have perfectly reliable internet for everything else.

        Skytrak / TGC / from UK

        I have to stick to the offline courses if more than one person is playing. Even when I play on my own and I get the flashing light leading to shot delay then game freeze I close TGC then reopen then continue, most of the time it sends me back to a random point previous in the round so I have to play those holes again.

        It is highly frustrating, what I don't understand is closing TGC and restarting fixes it? It's like something happens which TGC can't recover from and needs a restart.

        The other issue where TGC interface crashes isn't too bad, you just restart the interface but this TGC issue is a really bad problem.

        It would be good to figure out some sort of hack workaround which gets it going again without having to close and restart TGC.

        I was thinking of upgrading to TGC 2019 in the hope that it fixes it but it sounds like that suffers from the same problem.

        If we had the ability to download courses and play them offline then this would not be a problem, I don't understand why this functionality is not built into the game and why we need to connect to ProTee servers for every shot?
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