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Gaming pc?

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  • Gaming pc?

    Do I really need a gaming pc to run the tgc software for my SkyTrak home simulator?

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    About to buy a gaming pc myself for tgc 2019. Before I pull the trigger I wanted to know is it really worth it? €2k for licences and pc... I had wgt on Skytrak with IOS and thought it was rubbish so I hope tgc is much better? Anyone got tgc on skytrak and would you recommend the purchase?


    • JWheazy
      JWheazy commented
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      Highly recommend it. Use the settings on the sticky about TGC2019 to adjust the course settings and it plays like real life. Check out the real course thread but anything done by friendBomber is amazing.

      I don't have a gaming PC and the game still plays great. I have a surface pro 7 with intel 7 and it plays well enough to feel like real golf. The putting sucks but I havent tried it with the straight putting feature yet. I ended up going with TGC2019 over E6. I knew WGT was terrible so that wasn't considered. I would consider paying the $300 for E6 as well, you can get a 30 day free trial for that but do not sign up for it until your sim is setup. Your 30 days begins whenever you install the software and create an account. I didnt that prior to being fully setup and missed 2 weeks of free use

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    I have skytrack and TGC 2019 and find it well worth it. Recreated courses play extremely similar to the real courses.
    My published Courses, all Lidar:

    My Early Courses:
    Boyne Arthur Hills Lidar2
    Boyne Donald Ross LidarV2
    Boyne Moor Lidar
    BoyneHeather5T Lidar V2
    Lake Erie Metro Lidar3
    Marco Island CC Lidar3
    Willow Metropark Lidar5
    Wyandotte Shore Lidar2

    Later Courses:
    Fraserglen Golf Course, British Columbia
    Meadowbrook Northville (L)
    The Glen (Illinois) Lidar
    Deer Park Estate GC, Scotland
    Green Craig Point GC, Scotland
    Red Rock GC Las Vegas MTN
    Ottumwa Country Club
    And Many More...


    • Noeltubs
      Noeltubs commented
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      Thanks for the advice

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    Found a laptop I'm considering for tgc.Asus TUF Gaming FX505 Ryzen 5-3550H 8GB 256GB RX 560X 15.6 Inch Windows 10 Gaming Laptop

    Would this do the job?


    • pma99car
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      I tried running TGC on my MacBook (via bootcamp) that has the same graphics card. It'll run, but you will need to turn the graphics settings way down. I'd hunt around and try and pick up something with a bi more power to it.

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    Would this work?
    Dell - G7 17.3" 300Hz Gaming Laptop - Intel Core i7 - 16GB Memory - NVIDIA GEFORCE RTX 2070 (Max-P) - 512GB SSD - RGB Keyboard - Black I can get open box buy from Best Buy for $1,000.


    • pma99car
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      Should easily run it at 1080p max settings.

    • GullLakeMi
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      I've had the Dell G7 (15" screen, 1TB HD, 16GB memory, RTX 2070 SMQ) for 6 months. Run TGC 2019 with GC2 on 4k projector. No issues. It runs hot, but no issues. I've also ran TGC 2019 and FSX 2020 driving ranges simultaneously comparing shot data - no issues. Battery life is on shorter side.

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    Thank you guys for that. I dont mind paying a little extra if i need something else just wanna make sure i can run at full setting no problems, Should i look for something else or go with that?


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      Also quick question. I’m a Mac guy so right now I have my iPad connected to mevo+ thru Wi-Fi then iPad connected to internet theu Bluetooth on phone. I don’t have an Ethernet cable near hitting area. Can I do this with that laptop? Does windows 10 work with 2 Wi-Fi networks? Ie can I get a USB adapter and connect one to mevo and one to Wi-Fi internet? Sorry I guess it was a long question


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        Alienware - m17 R4 - 17.3" FHD Gaming laptop - Intel Core i7 - 16GB Memory - NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 - 1TB Solid State Drive - Lunar Light

        This is what i am looking at now. I can’t imagine this not running any sim software


        • dinospumoni
          dinospumoni commented
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          Kinda overpriced imo - you can find a prebuilt desktop with the similar specs for around 1000 bucks right now

          I bought a dell last night for $1090 with an RTX 3060 and an 11th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-11700 processor. The only thing i had to do was upgrade the RAM. I bought the Crucial Ballistix 3200 MHz DDR4 DRAM 16GB off of amazon for $70 bucks and now I've got a PC that is on the high end of the spec requirements to run FSX.

          There deals out there for PCs still if you're willing to look.