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Gaming pc?

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  • Gaming pc?

    Do I really need a gaming pc to run the tgc software for my SkyTrak home simulator?

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    Yes, you need a good graphics card to run it. GTX1060 (or similar) or better...


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      Honestly I’m very uneducated when it comes to any of this. Can’t I just buy a great graphics card?


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        Here are the full specs that ProTee recommends. Graphics card is most important, but the processor, ram all play a role. Depending on what you have now, yes, it's possible to just add the GPU.

        This is for TGC1. Not sure if they have listed 2019 yet.


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          Yes - The computer is going to make or break your ability to truly enjoy the software. You could go cheap or as minimal as you want, but your going to get shotty graphics and longer processing time. If you are going to purchase this game, you should get the recommended hardware they point out. If you don't want a gaming PC, there is always Fitness Golf and Creative Golf to look in to.

          I went with the recommended specs of GTX970, i7 processor, 8g RAM, and Windows 10. Everything runs as it should, no hiccups, no delays (besides the 2-3 second for ST). I found a gaming PC for sale online and picked up it for pretty cheap. It was a little older but more than 50% cheaper than what you would get brand new. It's dedicated to the sim as well so I didn't feel the need to get anything more than what was needed to only run TGC.


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            Thanks all! Looking into buying a used gaming pc or desktop. Until then I’ll run the wtp on my iPad.


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              Originally posted by Ben orth View Post
              Do I really need a gaming pc to run the tgc software for my SkyTrak home simulator?
              TGC is a game therefore you need a gaming rig. Treat TGC just like any other PC game on the market I.E. call of duty, battlefield etc.


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                TGC is harder on the PC then 2019 is. I run full graphics on 2019 and couldn’t on 1. You need a strong PC or nothing will work. Video card should be compatible to 970/1070.
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                  I have a gtx560ti and it runs just fine. Only thing I don’t have maxed are tree density. I5 3.4ghz 8gig ram


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                    Anyone here think cpu power or overclocking that is at all useful or relevant in either game?


                    • preludesam
                      preludesam commented
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                      Not unless you are on the edge for getting 60fps for the game at need a few percent to make it run smoothly. Overclocking on average gives you a 10% increase in performance. It's quite a bit of work to get that 10% and make it stabile i.e. not crashing or locking up. Unless you want to do it for fun or have the spare cash to replace fried parts I would recommend running everything stock. DIY PC parts are very reliable if run at stock speeds. They are more costly than normal but still if you run them at stock speeds they pretty must last past the obsolesce period.

                      I do it for fun.


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                    I've recently bought a new laptop - I use the same laptop for my work and for playing TGC. I needed high levels of RAM, CPU and Disk for my work - whereas we need a good GPU for TGC. A gaming laptop was the only real option for me. If the PC is only for TGC then focus on the GPU spec.

                    I'm able to play TGC on max settings - not sure I see a huge difference from my previous PC though which still performed amicably.


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                      Click image for larger version

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ID:	189660 I did quite a lot of research before buying a laptop last week. Laptops have got a lot closer to desktops in terms of power per pound/dollar, especially second hand. And a laptop just suited our family needs more - mobile business, take on holiday, children’s homework, ...

                      From my research, I decided that a GTX 1070 gave the best bang for buck. Over 40% faster than a 1060, and not prohibitively more expensive. A 1080 is only ~ 20% faster and much more expensive.

                      I bought an i7, 16GB RAM, 2xSSD, GTX 1070, 2 years old, for £680.

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                        Give me your budget and I will find a computer for you.


                        • htdumps
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                          Open Offer For anyone, I enjoy looking for PC's.

                        • StanMI
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                          Sorry for the double post.... I think I got excited !!!! lol

                          When the time comes I'll send you a PM

                        • Ben orth
                          Ben orth commented
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                          I hoping $1400 will be enough for a great pc. Like I said, I know close to nothing about computers. Not even a video game player. Anything you find and think I would be interested in buying will be pretty helpful.

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                        htdumps Hey, I'll ask you the question then I have a 1080ti, but I want a few more fps believe it or not. Do you have a water cooling solution or better cooling solution I can do that's reliable that you would recommend I'm trying find someone around here that would install that I don't even know how to find such a person


                        • htdumps
                          htdumps commented
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                          Check on the task manager to see if you are bottle necking your GPU I have a 980ti and running all at max

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                        Can somebody recommend a cheap but good option to replace my hp laptop? I’d like to stay under 500, but will go up to 1000 if needed. Also, how long is the lag after each shot with a good gaming pc?



                        • nbar
                          nbar commented
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                          Dell G5 15 Gaming Laptop
                          Intel i5-9300H
                          8 GB
                          NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti
                          Bought it on sale $799
                          Great for gaming