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TGC and Skytrak stalling while trying to play tournament

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  • TGC and Skytrak stalling while trying to play tournament

    I’m new to playing on the TGC tour, although I have played on the JNPG tour for awhile. Anyways, today I am trying to play the John Deere Classic on the TGC tour, and the game keeps stalling on me. The first two holes are played normally, but on hole 3 it took about 30 seconds to register my tee shot. Then while on the putting green the little white dots that move on the grid to show the slope weren’t moving, and my putts wouldn’t register even after a few minutes of waiting. I tried to restart the game and it brought me back to the tee box, so I teed off again and then it stalled after my shot and won’t advance and allow me another shot. I checked my internet connection, and while it sucks, it’s not any worse than usual. Any ideas what the problem may be?

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    So I tried playing a regular course (non tournament mode) and everything works great, but in tournament mode it will not advance past the landing screen on my tee shot. I’ve restarted the game 4 times and I keep getting the same result. Here is a picture to show where the game stalls:


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      Any ideas on why this is happening?

      I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the software today, and I keep suffering the same fate trying to play the John Deere Classic. I decided to give The Open a try, and the exact same problem is occurring. Holes one and two played great, then I started to get a major slowdown around hole number three. Oddly, I am able to still play, but it takes two to three minutes after I hit my shot, for it to register. I even switched my connection from wireless to wired, and I do not see any improvement.


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        I have no idea of how the game is set up server-wise but I can't help wondering if you have a bunch of people playing in the same tourney if it stresses the servers.


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          I opened up a ticket with ProTee, and they sent me a new TGC license key which seems to have resolved the issue. I was able to play two rounds of The Open today without a problem.