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Shouldn't this be a hook or a draw?

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  • Shouldn't this be a hook or a draw?

    Good afternoon

    I have just started online play after a long Simulator build, I bought TGC from GSF member some time ago, but have not yet moved to TGC2019 (seems that all the forum members here rave about it).
    I decided to stick it with TGC so I could understand all the ins and out before moving to TGC2019, I am blown away with TGC 1, and would to thank ProTee for making this available.

    Now to my question. With my short irons I am pretty straight.
    But could someone please tell me from these two screenshots, if I should just check out my sensor, all my long clubs seem to do this.

    While writing this, I have just realized it may have something to do with the Spin, I thought before their were two important variables, clubface and path.

    So I suspect this will be my swing?

    Regards indodom
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    I think I have it:

    The ball went left initially by 2 degrees, so the Protee Inferface said the Club Face was 2 degrees left and then the spin took it right.
    So due to the sensor limitation and using Protee interface I can only really look at Launch Angle, Speed, Ball Path and Spin Axis.

    I will focus more on tying to marry the Ball Path and Spin Axis on the ProTee interface, Swing Path which I was looking at while playing was somewhat of a red herring in this case.

    hmmm... back to the old drawing board.


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      Do u have hmt attached to your gc2? If not you will only get ball data. Club data is not used for simulated play


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        What sim are you using? I assume it’s the GC2. You mention sensors. What sensors are you referring to?


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          It is the GC2, and I have not hooked up an HMT. just yet. I did however concentrate on the spin axis degrees and tried to aim more at the back and inside of the ball and this helped significantly.
          Does the HMT require the fsx software or can it just display on the GC2?


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            You have a spin axis of 26 degrees right which represents a fade as shown on TGC. The club data is not correct with this TGC interface. TGC have developed an algorithm that estimates club data but that only works with certain interface programs. Therefore don’t pay attention to the club data here.