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Congrats to @Michael Baas Becking winning the TGC 2017/2018 Winter Tour - Sony Open !

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TGC Course Design 101

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  • TGC Course Design 101

    Crazycanuck1985 shows you how to create a course from scratch in 10 short instruction videos.

    Course Design 101 Episode 1 - Getting Started

    Course Design 101 Episode 2 - Creating Greens

    Course Design 101 Episode 3 - Bunkering

    Course Design 101 Episode 4 - Fairways and Rough

    Course Design 101 Episode 5 - Creating tee boxes

    Course Design 101 Episode 6 - Basic Sculpting

    Course Design 101 Episode 7 - Creating a Pond

    Course Design 101 Episode 8 - Course Beautification

    Course Design 101 Episode 9 - Green and Fairway Contouring

    Course Design 101 Episode 10 - Fairway Bunkers and Hole Layout

    TGC Tours:

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    Good information. I learned from every one of these. Nicely done videos.
    CST Time zone


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      These videos are very well done. Thanks.


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        How do you start course designer when not connected the Sky Trak?


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          Can a course created from a PC running the steam version of tgc be played on the sim version of tgc?


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            Originally posted by Tekbud View Post
            Can a course created from a PC running the steam version of tgc be played on the sim version of tgc?
            Yes. 2 ways. Transfer the course file to the TGC sim PC or publish it to the steam version and wait for the next course sync.


            • Tekbud
              Tekbud commented
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              Thanks! So I assume that there is a "courses" folder in TGC directory that is easily identified?

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            Does anybody know of good videos about recreating an existing course ? With the help of google earth ? I started to try it on my own a long time ago but i just can't get it right. Was hoping i find a video with some good advice .


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              You should google HB Studios Forums and look up the Greg Norman designer forum. There is a ton of info on how people do it.


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                Protee - I want to build a course for my 5 and 7 year olds. I've reviewed several of the videos in this thread. Would you say this is the definitive guide to course building or is there more formal instruction material?


                • ProTee United
                  ProTee United commented
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                  Google on TGC course design and you will find hundreds of videos and loads of instructions.

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                FYI, the above videos are all you need. Watch them all.


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                  The videos are awesome but using a keyboard and mouse, I can't figure out how and what yo use when you are creating and editing a course. Maybe explain a little how and what keys do what? Any info would help me out.. thanks


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                    Goggle HB forums and look up Greg Norman Course Designer. Keyboard shortcuts are there.


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                      I have had TGC on my PS4 for ages. Recently with purchasing SkyTrak I've also bought for my PC to create courses for sim play.

                      I want to replicate my home course for use in sim.

                      My question is, if I start it now on TGC, then TGC2 comes out will I be able to transfer it to TGC2 unpublished to finish it?


                      • keither5150
                        keither5150 commented
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                        Yes, All current courses can be imported into TGC2 and the new features added.

                      • KerrHughes
                        KerrHughes commented
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                        Excellent, thanks.

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                      Was playing a course yesterday and a wolf showed up behind the green. How is that done?