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TGC Course Design 101

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    I watched all of these videos but it seems to be for editing via Xbox? (the colored buttons in the interface).

    Could someone help me out when trying to build a course via PC? For starters, I am trying to do some sculpting of land (raise/lower ground). I use the Raise feature and select my brush.

    Here is where I'm stuck. It tells me to hold in shift and use my scroll wheel to raise/lower the height adjustment for the area under my brush. Great. The problem is this scroll wheel has no fine tune controls. I go from -337 feet to 995 feet and the number random changes. How do I enter or select finely tuned height adjustments? I'm pretty much stuck at the start until I can figure out how to manipulate elevation via PC controls.


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      I do it like:
      Use CTRL and scroll to a smaller size brush. Change elevation with SHIFT-scroll, it will change with smaller steps. Then CTRL-scroll to make it bigger again.


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        This worked like a charm, thanks!

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      How do you edit an existing course from the course library. Are you able to just edit any course that was created by someone else or to ones created by the golf club? Just purchased the golf club yesterday so new to this. When click on course designer it’s blank and only allows me to create a new one from scratch. Appreciate any help/guidance thank you


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        You cannot alter any of the existing courses that are on tgc. You can only create you own using the course creator.


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          You can edit courses in the course library but only if they were created in your account. You just edit them in the course creator. If someone else created it you need to get the course file from them.


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            Hi there, these tutorials are outstanding and I've used these in particular to help me get started designing my first course (though the controls I have are marginally different, e.g. 'A' is not Apply but 'navigate carousel menu' (along with D)). Thank you so much to CC for creating these vids and to PT for posting them here.

            I have 2 things I'm struggling with though:

            1 - Should be pretty simple but I can't find out how to delete a bunker?

            2 - I created a course and fine-tuned a particular hole, which after some consideration (as this is a real course), is too far away geographically from the two adjacent holes. I'd like to move it but 'Move Hole' just moves the hole and leaves the sculpted land, objects etc behind. I did find a select tool for moving this stuff which I can't seem to find again so could try 2 steps - move the hole then find where that select area tool is and move the rest overlayed to the new position of the hole (will that also move contours etc?) - but is there a way to select the hole with all of it's associated changes, textures, objects, contours etc and move the whole lot?

            many thanks in case you see this and would be kind enough to guide me on these 2 questions,

            best wishes,


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              Do i need to buy this on Xbox or steam because it sure doesn't work the same way as the videos on the PC through skytrak/tgc program.