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TGC Real Course List v2.3

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  • TGC Real Course List v2.3

    Here is a list of Real Course Recreations in TGC. All the names are as they appear in the game so you should be able to use this as a search guide. I tried to list multiple tee versions and all the lengths. Some of these courses are closer to the real life course than others. You can click on the name of a course to see a thread of it with people’s comments. Also you can read through this thread to see what simulator users think of different courses.

    If you want to check out the original thread, head over to the Real Course Recreation List - Completed, In Progress and Requested at HB-Studios and feel free to vote for what course you’d like to see one of the talented designers tackle next.

    Magnolia National 2016 (ProTee 6356 yd)* - theclv24 – (Augusta National – older versions have Blue and White tees of different lengths)
    Magnolia National 2016 (ProTee – ks man Corner)* –theclv24 – (a three hole course of Amen corner at Augusta)
    Magnolia National 2016 Par 3 Contest – theclv24
    Oakmont Country Club (ProTee Blue – 6551)* - by theclv24 – 6,551yds (White – 6,254yds)
    Merion East – Ardmore, PA (ProTee – middle)* - theclv24 – 6,182yards
    Pinehurst #2 (’16 Edition – ProTee White 6349yd)* - theclv24 – (older version has Blue Tees – 6,602yds)
    Chambers Bay 2016 (ProTee – Sand)* - theclv24 – 6,562yds (Old Version Blue Tees – 6,886yds)
    Whistling Straits Protee Fescue Blue Tees 6627* - Craig118 (Black – 7,542yds and White - 6,143yds Available)
    Pine Valley (Protee Blue Tees)* - Craig118 – 6,613yds (White – 6,035yds, Protee Championship – 6,952yds)
    Pebble Beach Golf Links (ProTee)* – friendBOMBER – 6,230 yds
    TPC at Sawgrass (ProTee)* – friendBOMBER – 6,303yds
    Congressional CC (ProTee)* - Rod81Simo – 6,462yds
    Bethpage State Park Black Course (Pro-Tee) by BoomBoom* – BoomBoom – 6,533yds
    Glen Abbey (ProTee) by BoomBoom* – BoomBoom – 6,030yds (White – 6,788yds)
    Rivierra Country Club (White Tees) by BoomBoom* – BoomBoom – 6,525yds (Pro-Tee – 6,100yds, Black – 7,377)
    The Belfry – The Brabazon (ProTee)* – Han – 6,443yds
    Oakland Hills CC (South Course) – White ProTee * - by Royce – 6,556yds (Green – 6,301yds)
    Southern Hills Country Club (Pro Tee) 6500 - StormGolf73 – 6,520yds (6,046yds available)
    Trump National Philadelphia (Pro Tee) 6,500* - by StormGolf73 – 6,503yds
    Torrey Pines – South White6628 – by KiloG117 – 6,630yds (Blue – 7,051yds, Gold – 6,154yds)
    Spyglass Hill 2016 (protee sim play)* – Yeltzman – 6,386yds
    Firestone CC South (ProTee)* – friendBOMBER – 6,611yds
    Stonebridge GC - Ottawa(Black - A - ProTee)* – PHJ314 – 6,451yds (Blue-5993yds)
    GC of Houston (ProTee) V2* - Williamhotel69 – 6,480yds (White – 6,202yds)
    Mistwood Golf Course (ProTee)* - Williamhotel69 – 6,474yds
    The Walker Course Pro Tee* - williamhotel69 – 5,947 yds, Tiger Tees – 6,921 yards
    Hillcrest Golf and CC (ProTee)* - Williamhotel69 – 6,442yds
    Pittsburgh Field Club (Members)* – Pitt1976 – 6,308yds
    Fox Chapel Golf Club (ProTee)* – Pitt1976 – 6,316yds
    Montreux G&CC – (Pro Tee) by Nevada Ballin – 6,485yds
    Quail Hollow Wells Fargo Sunday -by ? – 7,147yds
    TPC Stadium Course Scottsdale Pro tee* - bigcat023 – 6,499yds
    The Royal St Andrews Old Course - boo_stik – 6,913yds
    Turnberry Kintyre Course-protee* - Anquila1978 – 6,288yds
    TPC @ Boston – (Pro Tee) 6379 yds* - DoGgzbollox
    Coeur D' Alene – Pro Tee* – DoGgzbollox – 6,369yds
    Crooked Stick (ProTee)* by drlowdon – 6,499yds
    Le Golf National (Protee)* – drlowdon – 6,365yds
    Muirfield 2016 (Protee white 6380)* – Yeltzman – Blue 6,640yds
    Vallentuna Golfkblubb Sweden - mikemike3000 – 6,667yds
    Tobo GolfKlub ProTee #2 McBogga* – McBogga – 6,173yds
    Tobacco Dunes Golf Club ProTee* – kckfire – 6,500yds
    Royal Birkdale 2016 (Sunday Dry) – Yeltzman – 7,129yds
    TGC @ the English Rose (Thurs) - wendy445 – 7,290yds (Wentworth)
    PGA West (Palmer)[thursday] - rod81simo – 6,487yds
    Royal Troon Old Course – Yeltzman – 7,224yds
    Cohutta Country Club – drivert – 6,858yds (Nob North)
    Fishers GC – Fishers Island, NY (Thursday) – 7,180yds
    Chicago Golf Club – final ed – JELindholm – 6,666yds
    (protee) Royal Lytham 2015* – Yeltzman – 6,432yds - Search using (protee) Royal
    Galveston Country Club - StormGolf73 – 6,391yds
    Sunningdale (old course) sun - DoGgzbollox – 6,551yds

    *ProTee specific course available

    Colinmafia Recreation Courses – Colinmafia does his courses similar or the same spirit as a real course but are generally accepted to not be as close to the real course as the recreations mentioned above. The layouts are accepted as being correct as are hazard placements and green shapes however the elevations and green slopes are seen as being his own creation. To somebody that isn't familiar with the real course they easily could have as much, if not more, fun playing these than if it was a true recreation. These courses are still seen as being well developed and worth a play
    Kiawah Island
    Valhalla Louisville (Pro Tee)* – 6,309yds (Members Tee – 6,924yds)
    St. Andrews Old Course Red Tees* – 6,023yds
    Trump Turnberry New Aisla 2016 – 7,567yds
    Harbour Town (Pro Tee) Mid-Day* – 6,313yds
    Banff Springs (Pro Tee)* – 6,462yds
    Mission Hills (Pro Tee)* – 6,423
    Atlanta Athletic Club (Pro Tee)* – 6,996yds
    Celtic Manor Twenty Ten Course – 7,520yds
    Costa Navarino 2016* -6,692yds (red tees – 5,408yds)
    Royal Melbourne West (Pro Tee)* – 6,418yds
    Oak Hill CC Roch. NY. 2015 – 7,253yds
    Woodhall Spar GC Lincoln 2015 – 7,122yds
    PGA Wentworth West – 7,361yds

    Harbor Town - In development by theclv24
    St. Andrews Links - Old Course - In development by theclv24
    Crystal Downs - In development by theclv24
    Torrey Pines South Course - In development by Colinmafia
    Hoylake Royal Liverpool - Contemplating development by Yeltzman
    Princes Golf Club at Sandwich - Possible future development by pyates
    Wentworth (west course) - Future development by Phoenix Jay
    Bethpage Black - In development by BoomBoom, In development by Craig118, In development by JoeGolfer
    Riviera CC - In development by Craig118
    Muirfield Village - In development by Reebdog, In development by shoey101
    Inverness Golf Club - In development by Williamhotel69
    Conway Farms Golf Club - In development by TeeJay0218
    Baltusrol - In development by McBogga
    Shinnec0ck Hills - In development by JELindholm – On Hold
    Bandon Dunes - In development by scampi00
    The Olympic Club (Lake) - In development by Bubba Spieth (DDawg)
    Jumeirah Golf Estates-Earth Course (Dubai) - In development by Anquila1978
    Kapalua Plantation Course - In development by Scarpacci
    Bro Hof Slott - Stadium Course - In development by mikemike3000
    Oakland Hills Country Club (South Course) – In development by Royce
    Royal Porthcawl - In Development by Mav78
    East Lake – In development by tastegw
    National Golf Links of America - In Development by set my path
    Erin Hills - In Development by BoomBoom
    Quail Hollow - In Development by Terry Grayson
    Bay Hill - In Development by StormGolf73
    Edgewood Tahoe - In Development by NevadaBallin
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    Thank you for taking the time to do this. It is much appreciated


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      Yes very much appreciated ks. This is why you get courses named after you!


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        Updated the orginal post.


        • ks-man
          ks-man commented
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          Thanks. Is there a better way for me to do it in the future? I typically update my thread every 1-2 weeks? I could just continue to post it here and have you update it when you have time if that works ok for you.

        • GSF_Admin
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          Post the full list and we will do the update.

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        Thanks for the list. Waiting to try TGC with SkyTrak.


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          Nice to see new textures and objects available, as I will have to admit that many of the course were starting to have the "same" look to them, with continuous improvements only better days ahead as well.


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            This is a great thread Ks-Man, I wonder if the first category could be split between Protee Specific and other real courses?


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              Thanks. These days most recreation courses have ProTee (or at least shorter) courses available. I don't really see the need to split it out. I do have the * if there is a ProTee course and I tend to give priority to the better courses and the ones with ProTee ones towards the top of the list.


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                Sure sounds good.


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                  Glen Abbey and Riviera are both well done from a layout and contouring standpoint, just wish they weren't quite as heavily treed i.e. with branched encroaching into the fairways, and that they weren't quite as dark. I've played Glen Abbey a number of times and it is much wider open then the sim version, although the layout is great.
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                    FYI, Bethpage Black is coming but not yet in our database. Also it currently only has the very long version. Once the course is available on our server I'll update the list. It would be confusing to put it on the list here since we can't find it yet to play. A few other courses are also getting closer to completion. A few of us are regularly on the HB-Studios forums reminding the designers not to forget about us.

                    One other thing I've started to do which is getting good feedback (at least from the couple of designers I have spoken to) is that I'm recording my rounds and embedding a webcam. This allows the designer to see how the course plays on the simulator. From now on I will post my rounds on my YouTube channel. I also call out what club I'm using. For some of the designers that spend 50+ hours designing these courses (some way more) it is rewarding to see how a real player fares. If you want to do this I'd recommend including as many ghost balls as you can (some courses don't have any if there aren't plays on it yet). This allows the designer to see how a few others players do. In those scenarios I try and include some of the better scores and perhaps one round similar to mine. When speaking to the camera I treat it as if I'm speaking to the designer directly. While it might not seem like fun to us to watch a 45 minute video of a person playing we have to remember we get to do this all the time. For a designer to grab a beer and see how their course plays it actually can be quite rewarding (and will only encourage future courses to be designed with us in mind).

                    ks-man's YouTube channel of golf rounds


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                      Hey good work on the course list and video. I know Yeltzman is looking to see one of his online,so maybe you could film one of his if you haven't already.


                      • ks-man
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                        Thanks. We're playing Troon in a few weeks on tour so I'll let him know after I get one of those rounds in.

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                      Any good Augusta National developed by one of the good designers. I see a bunch in search but only want to add top quality courses to my favorites.


                      • ks-man
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                        As the next post says, Magnolia National is Augusta and many consider it the best course in the game. He doesn't use Augusta in the name since they are so crazy about licensing. Play the 2016 version. It has the full length, a ProTee shorter length and then there is a back nine only, ks man corner (Amen corner - 3 hole course) and the Par 3 course. It should be either at the top or near it for first courses to play.

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                      Magnolia national 2016 is outstanding.


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                        Awesome! I'll check that course out. Thanks for the info. Yeah wish licensing didn't prevent them from using real course names.


                        • ks-man
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                          A lot of the designer courses in the game ignore licensing and just release them. I think Craig (theclv24) was just being careful knowing how crazy Augusta is about their brand as well as the Masters. The last thing he wanted after putting in so much effort for the course was to have either himself or HB-Studios getting a cease and desist letter forcing the course to be pulled. At this point it is pretty common knowledge that Magnolia National (named for the street that the golf course is on) is the same course as Augusta.