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TGC Remote Keyboard Screen

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  • TGC Remote Keyboard Screen

    I wanted to share the remote keyboard screen I created with anyone that wants to use it. See screen shot attached.

    The buttons are mapped to the keyboard to control TGC during game play.

    Works with iPad (not sure if this app is available with Android)

    How to:
    - Download Air Keyboard app from Apple App Store ($2.99)-Definitely worth it!!!!
    - Download software on your Windows PC or Mac from
    - Connect App with your computer
    - Open App and click on Design Layouts
    - Click + button to add a layout from library
    - Click Download from library
    - Scroll way down to the bottom. My layout is named TGC.
    - Download TGC layout

    Here are the common keyboard buttons for TGC. Let me know if there are any other good buttons worth mapping.

    The Golf Club Keyboard Shortcuts
    Keyboard Shortcuts

    ESC = Pause Menu >>
    Resume Game - Resumes the game
    Rewind Shot - Take a mulligan
    Auto-rewind - Auto rewind to previous ball position
    Declare Unplayable - Drop ball somewhere else
    Watch Replay - Replay shots
    Turn Order - Switch between turn based and head to head play
    Scorecard - Display the scorecard
    Change Rivals - Add or remove players
    Recent Activity - View recent activity
    Settings - Display setting menu
    Restart Game - Restart the game
    Exit Game - Back to main menu
    Q = Scout Camera - Move camera to where the ball is supposed to land
    E = Hole Overview
    A = Aim left
    D = Aim right
    Z = Change club down / Change Ball Position when in drop or unplayable mode
    X = Change club up / Change Ball Position when in drop or unplayable mode
    J = Hole flyover
    G = Turn on/off green grid
    F = Remove flag
    I = Show Swing Analysis window
    W = Move ball forward when in drop or unplayable mode
    S = Move ball backwards when in drop or unplayable mode

    ` = Select driver
    1 = Select 3 wood
    2 = Select 5 wood
    3 = Select Iron 3
    4 = Select Iron 4
    5 = Select Iron 5
    6 = Select Iron 6
    7 = Select Iron 7
    8 = Select Iron 8
    9 = Select Iron 9
    0 = Select Pitching Wedge
    - = Select Sand Wedge
    = = Select Lob Wedge
    P = Select Putter

    V = Switch ball view
    E = Step backwards
    ARROW LEFT = Aim left
    ARROW RIGHT = Aim right

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    Better quality screen shot.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Screen-AirKeyboard.PNG
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      That's awesome Mike! Very similar to what I did but my approach required a programming background...this is very cool! I know it makes a huge difference in the usability for TGC to have something like this set up.


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        Thanks, this is terrific, I followed the instructions it looks great. The app works great until I launch TGC, then it does not work any ideas.


        • Mike80
          Mike80 commented
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          What doesn't work? All the buttons are mapped. Except the Setup button is not mapped. I wasn't sure what keys to map that to. But the other buttons should work. Did you successfully connect it to your computer. Open up a text document and click on the buttons. You should see it typing out the value of each button. Good luck!

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        Thanks, I'm going to see if I like this better than using my air mouse next time I play. It'll be another use for my wife's currently useless original iPad.


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          Do you keep the iPad on all the time?


          • Mike80
            Mike80 commented
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            Yes, keep the iPad on during game play so it stays connected to your computer via wifi and you can use the buttons instead of the keyboard.

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          Neat - questions for you.

          Can you program in multiple keystrokes behind a given button. So, for example - I would like to activate TGC practice mode by clicking one button - so it would be able to to hit esc and down arrow , then enter , esc, enter, etc.

          I have posted about what I am currently doing in the past. I am using Voice Attack software which listens for voice commands from me and sends keystrokes to TGC to do automate TGC so I don't go to the computer all the time - works fairly well including multiple keystroke commands. The only downside to this is the voice recognition is not fool proof in recognizing speech and if you have other noise in the room it starts to fail more. This sounds like a good option along with a nice ipad floor stand to keep right next to you.


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            Yes, it let's me create a button with multiple keyboard commands. I just added a Practice Mode button and published new version to the Library for download.

            I made the command: esc, down arrow, enter, esc, enter
            Note: I haven't tested so let me know if it doesn't work or needs a tweak to the sequence.

            Let me know if there are any other good buttons I should add. Tell me the keyboard sequence commands and I can add them.

            This should make playing TGC much better vs. using a keyboard and trying to remember what keys do what?


            • mthunt
              mthunt commented
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              Ok. Now you really have my attention.

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            The Setup button is not mapped. I wasn't sure what to map it to.

            Send me any good keyboard sequences for mapping and I can add additional buttons.


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              The one challenge I had trying to automate the menu selections is that the sequence of the items isn't always the same. i.e. when you're on the first tee, there is no Rewind Shot that can throw off trying to automate the switch to practice mode. It appears in a different place on the menu depending on the situation. I wish they would add keyboard shortcuts for ALL functions.


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                Game changer :-). Can you add up and down arrow keys to navigate the menu options


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                  I asked Protee a few months ago for a Practice Mode Shortcult key - hopefully that gets in.


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                    Yeah, later I will create the Up and Down arrows and publish new version. I'll wait to see if any other buttons are requested and sequence provided to program.

                    Keep in mind what rdh just said about sequence changing pending what screen your on.

                    So what are the Mulligan button sequences I could program? I could have two buttons if needed with two different sequences?


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                      The app " air keyboard" works fine until I launch TGC, then the app stops working. Once I close TGC the app starts working again.


                      • Mike80
                        Mike80 commented
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                        Are you trying this in full sim TGC version. It works in the Steam version. Has anyone else that is using full sim version of TGC been able to get it working?

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                      Everyone, I just published a new version to download from the Air Keyboard library. I added lots of new buttons and added the up and down arrow as well. Just know some buttons you want to select when you are at the regular screen showing your player. So just hit the Menu a couple times to get back to golfer screen and then hit the next button you wish to work. Try it out. It works well!

                      Eagle1 I'm not sure what your problem is. The Air Keyboard with my mapped buttons work for me in TGC.

                      I am programming and testing this in the Steam version of TGC. I do not have the full sim TGC version.

                      Can someone that has the full sim TGC version provide me the key mappings for the following. These are the buttons I have not been able to program yet because I don't see them available in the Steam version. I'll map them if you can tell me the sequence.

                      Example of sequence: ESC, Down, Down, Down, Enter

                      Here are the ones I need the sequence for:

                      - Declare Unplayable
                      - Shot Analysis
                      - Practice Mode
                      - Mulligan/Replay Shot
                      - Declare Unplayable
                      - Turn Order
                      - Flyover

                      Here is updated screenshot of mapped buttons:
                      Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0003.PNG
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Size:	20.8 KB
ID:	58307